India Wins By 4-2 Against Wales In The Hockey World Cup

According to a report published in Hindustan Times, during Thursday’s clash between India and Wales in the men’s World Cup hockey tournament, although India had defeated them by 4-2 yet, Wales has proven themselves to be worthy competition. Now India has to play against New Zealand in a crossover game on Sunday to move to the quarter-finals.

The match on Thursday has not gone by the plan of India. Wales fought back hard during the latter part of the match from the position where they were still goalless and India had scored double goals. Despite India winning the match they have to face New Zealand on Sunday in a crossover at the Kalinga Stadium before entering the quarterfinals.

The Highlights Of The Game

Hockey World Cup
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  • Presently, with a win and a draw, England is at the top of the table. India is in the second position with a draw and a win too but based on the differences in goals, England is above the table. England has a goal difference of five while India is at a difference of two. Team Spain has placed themselves in the third position having a difference of two goals as well. Team Wales is at the bottom of the table without a point and a difference of nine goals.
  • For quite a while in the game, it remained goalless but Wales kept dominating. 
  • Harmanpreet, the captain of the Indian side, despite being known as the world’s best drag-flicker, has failed to leave any impact in this tournament.
  • In the other match between England and Spain, England keeps dominating and scoring goals. This keeps increasing India’s winning margin of goals for avoiding another crossover game.
  • The match between England and Spain has put India in a tough spot. India requires to score at least eight goals in this match for reaching the quarterfinals directly.
  • Although Akashdeep tried to show some kills and get India some early goals but, the defensive side of Wales proved to be in a better position.
  • Harmanpreet and Abhishek try their best to build momentum for India but fail to leave any impact. At the end of the sixth minute, both teams remain goalless.
  • At eight minutes, Nilakanta attempts a big shot for the goal despite Shamsher Khan being in a better position to goal. The goalie blocks it.
  • At the thirteenth minute Rhodri from Wales makes a big attempt for a goal and somehow fails to convert it. India gets saved very closely. The first quarter ends without a goal being scored.
  • In the twenty-first minute of the second quarter, Shamsher scores the first goal for India taking a lead by 1-0.
  • In the second half, Akashdeep secures the second goal for India.
  • During the forty-second minute, Wales brings a goal to their credit.
  • Another goal comes into the account of Wales before the end of the third quarter.
  • The third goal for India comes in the forty-fifth minute from Akashdeep.
  • In the final minute of the game, Harmanpreet finds the fourth goal for India from the penalty. India finishes winning the game but still needs to play the crossover on Sunday. Wales has put up a great fight and leaves the tournament winning the respect of their fans.