Hospitals In India Holding Drill In A Caution Against Covid

According to a report published in The Times Of India, as Covid makes a strong rebound spreading infections across several countries, drills across various hospitals in India have been undergone too. This precautionary check has been made to analyze how much we are prepared to tackle another spike of Covid cases in different parts. There have been reports of Covid cases from some parts of India.

Mansukh Mandaviya, the Health Minister has visited Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital to review the drill on Covid.  In an interview with TOI, he told that it was very necessary for conducting this drill. It will give us a good idea of how much we are prepared to tackle Covid this time. All over the world cases of Covid are on the rise and India too anticipates a spike as well.

Caution Against Covid
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So it has become very important for checking our infrastructure to tackle Covid such as processes, equipment, and human resources too. He said that it was necessary to find out how much active we are with operational readiness against Covid. The health minister further went on to state that, it is very crucial for hospitals to remain clinically active and alert during this time. He even said that both the private and government hospitals are taking these drills and each of the health ministers of their respective states is monitoring it.

Each of the states is taking note of its hospital beds, medicines, vaccines, oxygen, and other necessary equipment. In a caution against Covid, the health minister has also urged everyone about following the Covid norms. He has even asked people not to spreading unnecessary panic or sending misinformation to others. He said that misinformation leads to unnecessary chaos and put things in a different light. 

Mandaviya had inspected the forty-four-bed Covid setup at the Safdarjung hospital. He also checked the testing and triage area that has newly been created by the hospital. There is also a makeshift facility and a ward for treating severe acute cases of respiratory infection. He has told that things looked organized and well-prepared for any emergency and has also had a word with the officials. 

Mandaviya has assured the people that people need not have to panic about the treatment because the government has allocated enough funds for the treatment for this. Funds have also been generated for the different states too so that all the necessary arrangements could be made. In Maharashtra too drills have been conducted in preparation for Covid across thirteen hundred healthcare centers. A review of the medical facilities, hospital beds, medicines, ICU facilities, oxygen, and other amenities has been given check too. Similar drills have also been taken up in different other states such as Gujarat, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Jamshedpur, and Ranchi too.

Sudhakar, the health minister of Karnataka upon the review of some hospitals has said that things looked satisfactory. He too has even urged the people to support the Government regarding Covid by following the norms. Sudhakar has also said that there are around eight and a half lakhs of Covid vaccines still available and had requested the people to get their third dose.