From Vision to Reality – NextBigBox Shines Spotlight on Year’s Achievements at Annual Conference

NextBigBox, a New Delhi-based leading digital marketing agency and IT company, hosted an annual conference to showcase the organization’s accomplishments over the past year, recently. The exclusive event took place at the luxurious The Baagh Ananta Elite, Ranthambore, Rajasthan. This top-notch affair put a glaring focus on the company’s progression, highlighted its brilliant victories and gave due credit to those hardworking individuals making it happen.

NextBigBox Shines Spotlight on Year's Achievements at Annual Conference

With a theme like “From Vision To Reality,” the event spotlighted NextBigBox’s dedication, an unwavering commitment to bringing digital dreams of its clients into tangible reality. How? Well, through their unparalleled prowess in IT and digital marketing solutions. Additionally, the event put a spotlight on brilliant contributions from company workers. In fields such as innovation, camaraderie-building, and leadership it was seen that they indeed excelled. NextBigBox also ensured all the employees and workers felt appreciated and motivated to work hard and attract good fortune for them.

The annual conference featured an award ceremony, data-driven discussions, and valuable insights into the company’s growth and vision for the future. During the past year, NextBigBox achieved many remarkable milestones. The annual conference provided an ideal setting for the company employees, CEO, and company founder to celebrate NextBigBox’s year-round achievements and the hard work of its employees. It served as an inspirational moment for all the staff and boosted their confidence tenfold.

What makes this annual conference held in Rajasthan exclusive is that only company employees, CEO, and Founder of NextBigBox attended the event. All the people there at the event, they found a sort of camaraderie forming amongst them. It united the team as one and helped them celebrate the organization’s accomplishments as their own.

“NextBigBox’s Annual Conference is an impactful event for growing our services tenfold through the massive support of our customers and employees. The conferences serve as an insightful and engaging experience for recognizing the contributions of the employees, looking upon the yearly performance, and building strong business partnerships,” said the Founder of NextBigBox, Avisekh Sharma. “We are thrilled to announce the successful response to our annual conference in Rajasthan this time.”

The award ceremony was the highlight of the annual conference. Awards for innovation, teamwork, and leadership excellence were presented to recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals within the organization. In addition to celebrating the awardees, the event analyzed the performance of the company, the market trends, and custom feedback to identify areas of improvement.

The Founder of NextBigBox highlighted the company’s impressive achievements and vision for the future. He said, “Our company’s focus on utilizing next-generation digital technologies like API and CRM have helped thousands of brands connect with their potential customers. We will continue to revolutionize the Fintech and digital marketing landscape by delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

NextBigBox is a digital marketing agency and IT company based in New Delhi, India. The company was founded by Avisekh Sharma and Deepesh Kashyapa in 2021. The company is focused on harnessing the power of technology and revolutionizing businesses with its comprehensive IT and digital marketing solutions.