Discussions On Whether Musk Will Step Down As CEO Of Twitter

New leader Elon Musk has been involved in one controversy after buying Twitter. One of the world’s richest men asked for a vote on the messaging app on Sunday night, asking whether he should step down in this situation. Most of Elon’s followers voted in favor of Elon’s resignation in that vote. However, it is not clear whether he will leave the post at all. Although Musk claimed that he would accept the result.

Musk took over Twitter at the end of October. Since then, he has laid off about 3,500 employees. Removed CEO Parag Agarwal and entire board. About a thousand other workers left under his threat. The company has changed its decision several times in terms of giving Blue Tick in exchange for money. In this situation, the question was raised whether Musk has the ability to run a social media like Twitter. In particular, it was reinforced last week after the Twitter accounts of several top American media journalists were shut down.

Discussions On Whether
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In this situation, Musk tweeted on Sunday night that users should vote whether he should resign. Even after that, he announced that all important decisions of Twitter will be made through voting. And after that, about 12 hours later, at the end of the voting, it was seen that more than 57 percent of the participants voted in favor of removing the mask. The remaining 42 percent want him to stay.

Related circles say that Musk is already the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company, and about half a dozen companies. It is also almost certain that he will step down from the post of Twitter boss. However, it is not known whether he has already thought of bringing someone to that position. Moreover, the way Musk has decided on various issues of Twitter so far, they are saying that there is doubt whether he will accept the result of this vote at all. So what is his next step, everyone’s eyes are now on that.

In a flash

• In April, Elon Musk proposed to buy Twitter for 44 billion dollars.

• He returned the proposal in May.

• The case started, the organization said that it was ready again in October.

• At the end of the month Twitter completed the acquisition. He himself is ‘Chief Tweet’.

• CEO Parag Agarwal sacked with responsibility. Farewell to the old board.

• About 3,500 layoffs. About 1000 more people were dismissed under the threat of masks.

• A poll on Twitter asking if he will be the CEO himself on Sunday.

• More than 57 percent of followers are in favor of removing Musk.

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