Dashmalav AI, a startup revolutionizing content creation and consumption with AI

Dashmalav AI, an AI based video enhancement startup based out of Jaipur has received awesome product response and rapidly gained traction since its inception, witnessing 3x month on month growth with 350+ paid customers already using their services in just four months of operations. Funded by BITS Pilani, its founders, Muskan Mandiwal and Chitrangda Shekhawat, alongside a team of IIT graduates and adept sales personnel, are addressing the challenge of dwindling attention spans.

Dashmalav AI is a state-of-the-art video generator that listens to audio of user generated video and creates engaging animations, seamlessly merging them with the original video. Its tools are ideal for content creators and marketers aiming to elevate their storytelling and captivate audiences.

Summarizing how Dashmalav AI actually works, their Founder Muskan, an MBA graduate from Mody University of Science and Technology says “We have created a unique video to video generation product where the user puts his/her video in our program and within minutes all the animations and videos with story would be generated explaining the subject matter of the original video. And finally generated videos will be integrated to original video giving the audience more interesting subject matter”. Also, Just to show a demo of How Teaching with and without Dashamlav AI works this link is a perfect example of the same.

Founders of Dashmalav AI- Chitrangda Shekhawat and Muskan Mandiwal
Founders of Dashmalav AI- Chitrangda Shekhawat and Muskan Mandiwal

Nowadays, the attention span of students and audiences are getting shorter and shorter which makes grasping deep knowledge nearly impossible. Creating and editing good quality videos takes too much effort , time and knowledge which limits lots of teachers and other content creators to impart their knowledge. Dashmalav AI gen AI model for video-to-video integration is making educational and creative content more engaging for teachers, students, and content creators like YouTubers, garnering widespread acclaim from users.

Highlighting Dashmalav AI unique value proposition, Founder and COO, Chitrangda says “ We are video – video , others are text to video where people have to take multiple steps to integrate generated video into their original video. With us it happens within seconds. Also, our AI is fine tuned for Indian context so that the Indian audience relates to the generated videos more”.

It all began with an idea when Chitrangda met Muskan in Jaipur for digital marketing classes. During their classes, they realized the importance of visuals while learning and how it can boost engagement of learners. Figuring the problem and discussing the same over a couple of meetings they decided to build a product around it and this is how Dashmalav AI came into existence.

Dashmalav AI is currently targeting teachers and youtubers who have high frequency of video editing requirements. They are offering a 15 days trial post which premium subscription starts. Users can book a demo by registering on their website dashmalavai.in and get access.