Daily Intake Of Almonds Improves The Risk Factors Of Diabetes

According to an article published in The Indian Express, a study reveals that regular consumption of almonds has a great chance of improving the body weight of obese people and blood sugar levels for everyone as well. this research which was initially published in the Frontiers in Nutrition journal stated that if a person consumes almonds daily continuously for twelve weeks it will reduce the resistance of insulin. In addition to that it will help in controlling the glucose levels in the blood along with improving pancreatic functions as well. 

Viswanathan Mohan who happens to be the president of the MDR foundation in Chennai has also confirmed that in their institute too the consumers who had almonds daily had found improvements in their blood sugar levels and body weight as well. Mohan further stated that obesity is found all across the world and this even leads to the risk of an increase in chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. 

Intake Of Almonds
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Gayathri Rajagopal who happens to be a Ph.D. scholar at Madras university has also said that enhanced functions in the beta cells of almond consumers have been observed. And these are the cells that are responsible for creating insulin. 

The researchers have further found that people who had almonds daily had higher levels of triglycerides and total cholesterol. Both these factors play an important role in managing obesity and diabetes. Nuts such as almonds are a very healthy component of the diet which reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases too.

R M Anjana, who happens to be the vice president of the MDR foundation has said that in almonds, there are about six grams of protein in each ounce of serving. It favors vitamin E very highly along with the fatty acid profile. And these two factors together correspond in improving triglycerides and cholesterol.

More to that, improvement also occurs in pancreatic function, and body weight too. There are also much greater blood sugar levels and a reduction in the resistance of insulin as well. almonds are indeed a great advantage for cardiometabolic health. 

A study was performed on four hundred participants between the age of twenty-five to sixty-five years having a BMI of over twenty-three kilograms in each square meter. All these participants had dyslipidemia which is an imbalance in th blood lipids and obesity as well. Almond treatment for them in the mid-morning snack had brought improvement in the functioning of their beta cells. It has even lowered their cholesterol levels and reduced their resistance to insulin. 

Furthermore, they also had a reduction in their weight, BMI, the circumference of the waist, and also in triglycerides and glucose levels too. All these happened between the twelve weeks of their daily consumption of almonds. They even consumed thirteen percent fewer carbohydrates and more calories from fat. Their protein intake had gone higher along with dietary fiber and monounsaturated fats. Their body’s response to glycemic had gone higher as well.