Chinese Woman Arrested In Gaya Amid Dalai Lama’s Visit

While Dalai Lama is in Bihar, there are concerns about his safety. A Chinese woman was arrested in Gaya district yesterday.

According to police sources, the visa of the woman named Sang Zeolone has already expired. She was in various places of the country including Gaya for a couple of years. But the government had no information about her presence.

The sketch of the woman was released this morning. It is said that she may be on the verge of harming Dalai Lama. Residents are requested to report any information to the police. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also looking into the matter.

Statement from a police official 

Chinese Woman
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The possibility of Zeolone being a Chinese spy is not being ruled out, said a senior police official. She is being interrogated. Gaya SSP Harpreet Kaur said that they are giving utmost importance to the safety of Dalai Lama.

There was a gap of two years due to the Covid epidemic. Dalai Lama has come to Bodh Gaya again on his annual visit. He arrived last December 22. He’s staying at the Mahabodhi Temple. Arvind Singh, a member of the Bodhgaya Temple Management Trust, said that to catch a glimpse of him while commuting, the crowd is overflowing on both sides of the road. Dalai Lama is scheduled to give sermons at the Kalachakra Maidan three days in a row starting yesterday. 

In January 2018, a small explosion occurred within hours of the Dalai Lama’s lecture in Bodh Gaya. Explosives were found under the Mahabodhi temple. They were deactivated in Falgu river. No  accidents occurred that time. It was said that the schedule of serial blasts had been foiled. Even before that, in July 2013 ten explosions rocked the Mahabodhi temple premises in Bodh Gaya. That time a total of five people including two monks were injured.

Since 1959, Dalai Lama, the highest spiritual leader of Tibet, has been under political asylum in India. He lives in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Since then, he has been organizing a movement to liberate Tibet from China. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. Meanwhile, China wants to choose Dalai Lama’s successor to control Tibet. But Tibetans believe that Dalai Lama controls his own death and rebirth.

BrahMos launch from warplanes

The Air Force test-fired the extended range BrahMos missile yesterday. They said that the test was successful. The missile was launched from a Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter jet. The target was a ship in the Bay of Bengal. The Ministry of Defense believes that this missile is capable of hitting targets 400 km away in the sea.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Defense yesterday, the twin power of Su-30 MKI fighter jets and BrahMos missiles will further strengthen the security of the country. It’ll keep India ahead in the battlefield. The BrahMos cruise missile is about three times faster than sound. It can be launched from water, land or air. The radar is not caught quickly.