China And India Meet Again About The Line Of Control

India held a military-level meeting with China last Sunday to reduce tensions near the Line of Control in eastern Ladakh. This was the 16th meeting between the two countries. India continues to press for a quick withdrawal of troops from the conflict points along the Line of Control where Chinese troops are still present. Besides, the movement of Chinese warplanes along the Line of Control has also been discussed in this bilateral meeting, said a source in the Indian Army. India has repeatedly said that if peace and stability on the border is not maintained, it will affect bilateral relations.

Report from Air Force Chief 

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In an interview hour before the two countries met over the Chinese military presence in eastern Ladakh, Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal V R Choudhary said that “Chinese air force activities along the Line of Actual Control are being monitored continuously.” He also said, “Whenever we realize that Chinese warplanes are coming very close to the Line of Actual Control, we take appropriate action by putting our fighter planes and systems on high alert. This scares them.” Although he does not know why China is doing this. In his words, “I can’t say why China is doing this.”

The two countries last met on March 11, demanding the withdrawal of Chinese troops from the remaining conflict points in eastern Ladakh. According to military sources, the demand for the withdrawal of Chinese troops from Depsang and Demchak was also raised in this meeting.

Army sources recently reported that a Chinese military fighter jet flew very close to the Line of Actual Control in late June. According to Army reports, the incident took place in the last week of June. However, on which date in June the Chinese warplanes approached the Line of Actual Control, the Indian Army did not inform. However, according to their report, the incident took place around 4 am Indian time sometime in the last week of June. Army personnel deployed along the Line of Actual Control saw the Chinese warplanes. The location of the Chinese aircraft also appeared on the Air Force radar. As soon as it reached the position of violation of Indian airspace, the Air Force became active and appropriate action was taken accordingly.

The Chinese fighter jet is said to have returned after India gave an ‘appropriate reply’. According to military norms, no country flies’ warplanes within 10 km of the Line of Actual Control. This area is known as ‘No Fly Zone’. But after clashes between Chinese and Indian troops in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh in June 2020, there have been repeated allegations of increased military activity by China along the Line of Control.

Wrapping up 

Hopefully, the situation between India and China will improve to some extent after this meeting last Sunday. There needs to be a permanent solution to this problem with the Line of Control that has been going on for quite some time. Both countries should take appropriate measures to resolve the situation.