Agrikheti Unveils Innovative Solutions For Farmers To Address Real Agricultural Problems


Agrikheti, a leading agriculture technology company in India, is proud to announce its commitment to providing innovative solutions for farmers to solve real agricultural problems. The company assumes a central role in bringing about considerable value within the country’s agricultural sector through innovative tactics and actions.

“We hope to strengthen and attain the highest standards in the agricultural sector. We provide outstanding solutions to overcome agricultural challenges. We help in connecting the agri community with technology for a prosperous future. Our effective and resourceful solutions for serving farmers have helped us establish a strong foothold,” says the Founder.

Agrikheti, the premier agri-tech company, relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence. It aims to regenerate the agri-value chain. It helps farmers increase their crop yield and reduce expenses to grow their business potential. Thus helping farmers make informed decisions, achieve greater sustainability, and enjoy affordability in business operations.

Agrikheti makes use of the popular Crop Care™ tool. The tool uses computer vision and AI for disease detection in plants. It recommends agricultural solutions to farmers. It helps farmers reduce their costs and increases their efficiency tenfold. The agri-tech company also uses the Crop Planner™ tool for monitoring crop health. This tool uses geospatial technology and remote sensing data. And optimizes their farming practices for sustainable agriculture. Agrikheti’s IoT device also provides instant soil data to farmers.

Agrikheti’s impressive presence in the market is a testament to its consistent dedication to meet the ever-growing demands of consumers and stakeholders while contributing to the opulence of the Indian agricultural industry. Its contributions are reshaping the agricultural sector in India. The company is providing comprehensive solutions to help farmers overcome challenges. It serves as a ray of hope for all the environmentally-conscious consumers out there.

Headquartered in Mohali, Agrikheti operates a dedicated office in Punjab. Since its inception, the agri-tech company has been successful in transforming agriculture. It has celebrated many milestones and remains committed to a future of limitless possibilities.

Agrikheti has been successful in forging strategic partnerships with 1,37,788 farmers. Over the years, it has planted 13,198 farms, covered 54 crops, 492 crop varieties, 258 brands, 2168 products, 92 services, 70 suppliers, 200 buyers, 28 traders, and 53 service providers.

Agrikheti is a leader in the agriculture market. It relies on cutting-edge technologies for growth of the agricultural sector. The company focuses on sustainable farming practices, technological integration, supply chain enhancement, crop diversification, quality assurance, and certification, branding, marketing, and research and development of innovative solutions to solve the problems faced by the farmers.

Agrikheti’s commitment to excellence in agri-tech makes it the leading agri-tech company in India. At present, the company has cemented its reputation as one of the most trusted and socially responsible entities, resonating with farmers and amplifying its marketing worth. As the leading agri-tech institution in India, Agrikheti is adding substantial value within the agricultural sector. It prides on combining the best of innovation, sustainability, quality, and collaboration.