Youth Nabbed with Drugs in Aurangabad

A youth of 25 years old has been arrested by the police squad in Aurangabad when about 7 grams of magic drug was found with him.

The accused named June Khan is a college student, currently pursuing his graduation from a city-based college. He resides in the resident of 25, Bari Colony area in Aurangabad. He also works as a supervisor in a plastic manufacturing company.

The accused sold mephedrone, which is often called MD or magic drug was arrested by a special police squad along with the evidence. This special squad consisting of Rahul Road, Imran Pathan, Syed Shakeel, Vijay Nikam, A R Kharat, Vitthal Made, M B Vikhanar, police van driver V S Pawar, forensic department inspector, who is Madhuri Kharat, and Vaibhav Ghadge laid a trap and arrested June Khan.

The incident took place in the Railway Station Raid near Karnapura on Friday. The worth of the seized drug is about Rs 26,000. His belongings including a mobile phone worth Rs 90,000 and cash of Rs 450 were also seized. With precisely 6.73 grams of mephedrone powder and other belongings amounting to Rs 1,16,450 is currently in the custody of the Cantonment police station where this case has been filed.

The commissioner of police in Aurangabad, Nihil Gupta has revealed that from a previous case, the accused sold pure and raw drugs and also mixed it with alum and Ajinomoto before being taken to the market.

When asked the reason for this act, the accused revealed that he wanted to make money in simple ways and lead a luxurious life. Hence, he had decided to sell and supply drugs illegal drugs.

The commissioner said that the police department is eager in bringing down the supply of drugs in Aurangabad to zero and required efforts are being to achieve it.

Rahul Rode informed the media that the accused has confessed that he was on his way to adulterate the MD drug to increase its worth much more than before.

As the youths are being addicted to mephedrone Drugs in Aurangabad, this action has been taken to avoid its flow in the market.