Wriddhiman Thanked Hardik for Giving the Stage to Prove Himself Again

Hardik Pandya was released by Mumbai Indians. Sunrisers Hyderabad did not keep Rashid Khan. David Miller and Rahul Tewatia did not get a place in the Rajasthan Royals camp. Kolkata Knight Riders released Shubman Gill. Wriddhiman Saha, he was unsold at auction. Yet the Gujarat Titans had confidence in them. Evidently, winning the IPL has proved what they can do if they trust the Wriddhi and the others. Wriddhi reached Kolkata from Ahmedabad on Wednesday morning.

The trophy-winning streak is not over yet. It is not easy to. The moment of displaying the trophy on the hooded bus in Ahmedabad city is etched in his mind for his whole life. Wriddhi said, “We have a different kind of insanity. We were able to rejoice after winning. The fun of being a team champion at home is different. With the support of more than 1 lakh spectators, the team got stronger. Their shouts put a lot of pressure on the opponents. Makes our job easier.”

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Wriddhi has enjoyed the leadership of Hardik Pandya very much. In his words, “Hardik knows very well how to lead a team. One of the greatest virtues of a captain is to get along with everyone. There is no shortage of that in Hardik. As I saw him before, now he has changed completely. If anyone on the field made a mistake, he would never say anything bad. The best thing is, he trusts everyone.” He added, “He has relied on those who have been abandoned by various teams as they lost confidence in them. I was unsold as I was. I didn’t get a chance in the beginning. The day he come and said that I had to play the role of opener, was the day I felt confident again. He has given a platform to prove myself anew. Hardik’s contribution is not forgettable. We have tried to give him the status of trust though. Whoever had whatever responsibility, he has fulfilled it. It doesn’t take more than that to be a champion.”

Wriddhi thinks that Gujarat has got the match out of a very difficult situation because there was full confidence in everyone. In his words, “Tewatia got a chance to play only three balls against Punjab in the match. Still he returned after winning the match. Rashid also won the match by batting. Like at Eden, Miller and Hardik took us to the finals. Such matches create the confidence of a team. Miller proved once again what he can do if he is trusted.”

Wriddhi played with Rashid Khan last time too. Matthew Wade had no experience keeping against Rashid. That responsibility also fell on Wriddhi. “If you don’t keep an eye on his wrist, you won’t know which one is leg spin and which one is googly. It’s really hard to do keeping against him. I’ve been playing with him for so long and that is why I was not having any problems.”