World Test Championship Final: Kohli’s “Torch Bearer” Captaincy Absolutely Worth It

Indian bowlers gave a fantastic performance and gracefully out-bowled New Zealand’s batters on Tuesday. The fifth day of the World Test Championship has given Indian players some great advantages indeed.

Indian bowlers chose Mohammad Shami (4/76) while Kane Williamson, Tim Southee, and Kyle Jamieson made some great contributions in the match. From the very beginning, all the Indian bowlers that were under Shami’s lead made the right choice. They were on the money. They could hit all the right lengths and lines. The highlight moment during his lead was when he dismissed Ross Taylor. All thanks to the courtesy of Shubham Gill and his great catching skills. 

When former cricket player VVS Laxman was asked his analytical point of view about the dismissal, he was all in about it. He gave Virat Kohli the whole credit for the iconic dismissal. Laxman further went on to say that Kohli had mindfully placed Gill in the right place.

Ross Taylor’s known for his usual tendency of playing cricket in the air. Gill’s placement exactly on the parallel of the crease is mainly why he could catch the blinder well in time. Kohli’s fantastic captaincy along with Gill’s fast bowling was no less than a match made in heaven.

Nasser Hussain, the former England captain was also awe-inspired by Kohli’s stunning captaincy skills. 

Virat Kohli’s captaincy is one-of-a-kind. Sometimes he does things that eventually have a positive outcome in the end. He is a focused cricket player who always does things with some purpose. His team handling and captaincy skills are spot-on. He positioned Ishan to all the left-handers and positioned no left-hander to Ashwin. Shami was set to get the wicket.

Kohli made all the right choices at the right time. His captaincy skills are worth pondering upon. 

Thanks to his great captaincy skills, India is back in form. They have taken over New Zealand’s limelight too. Things can change pretty fast in WTC. And this is why you can call Kohli’s “Torch Bearer” captaincy worth it. Way to go Virat Kohli!