World Cup-Like Events Will Be Held In India Too: PM

Mamata Banerjee made the colours of Shillong blue and white on the day of the World Cup semi-final. And Narendra Modi appeared in Shillong on the day of the World Cup finals and announced that soon India will organize a competition similar to the FIFA World Cup, where the countrymen will be able to show their support for India with the tricolour, not France or Argentina.

Even if Gujarat can be retained, Himachal and Delhi Municipalities have been lost. BJP is desperate to keep Tripura and form government in Meghalaya. It is for this purpose that Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of the project worth 6800 crore rupees on a visit to the two states on Sunday.

The battle for BJP in Meghalaya is two-sided. On one side is the main opposition party Trinamool. On the other hand, the current coalition partner is NPP. BJP has started breaking the house of both the parties. They are demanding that the chief minister will be from their party in the next government. In this context, Modi blew the whistle to start the game in the election campaign field yesterday. In his speech on the day of the World Cup final, Modi chose the football field as a metaphor to highlight the Centre’s achievements.

Meeting of Modi 

World Cup
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Modi addressed a joint meeting to celebrate the golden jubilee of the North-East Parishad and to inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of various projects worth rupees 2450 crore. He said, “Coincidentally, I am addressing a football-loving crowd, in a football stadium, on a day when everyone’s mind is on the football field in Qatar. So, not the language of politics, but the language of football on the day of football fever.”

In his words, “Just as red cards are shown for fouls on the football field, so since 2014, our government has been showing red cards for old ills like corruption, ethnic division, nepotism, violence, vote bank politics, undue delay in project implementation.” The country’s first sports university has been set up in Manipur. Another 90 sports fields are in various stages of construction.” Prime Minister’s words of hope, “We are all cheering for two foreign teams in Qatar today, But the day is not far when there will be a World Cup event in India and we will shout for our country, with our national flag.”

On the other hand, Modi inaugurated a project worth rupees 4,350 crore in Tripura. BJP’s position in the hills of Tripura is very shaky.

Convocation of Special Session at Belagavi

Instead of trying to resolve the border dispute with Maharashtra, the BJP government in Karnataka is looking ahead to the upcoming assembly polls and wants to keep the debate alive. The state’s BJP government has organized a special session at the state’s second Vidhan Sabha building ‘Suvarna Vidhan Soudha’ in Belagavi on the disputed Maharashtra border on Monday to stir the emotions of the people of the state on the issue.