Women Officers From The India Army To Be Promoted Into The Rank Of A Colonel

According to a report published today in English Jagran, From January ninth to twenty-second, a special selection board in the Indian Army held by women officers is conducting scrutiny over the contributions of some women Army officers to promoting them to the post of Colonel. This step would put the women jawans on par with the male officers.

According to a report published by Army officials, two hundred and forty-four women officers have been taken into consideration for the promotion amongst the hundred and eight vacancies that are available. Women Army officers belonging from the batch of 1992 to 2006 are being considered for a promotion. A special selection board has been formed this time for choosing the right candidate for the post. This move has been made by the Indian Government to make gender equality in the Indian Army.

To help as observers in the Selection Board, sixty women officers have been included. This is done keeping in view that the decision can be made on fair grounds.

India Army
image source: https://im.indiatimes.in/content/2023/Jan/D2A17D25-0044-4268-B855-2388CB542FAD_63ca3d2c83e55.jpg?w=725&h=512&cc=1

Based on the decision made by the selection board, the hundred and eight women officers who are medically fit shall be chosen for the different commanding positions in the army. According to the officials of the Indian Army, the first set of these postings shall be made by the end of January. Currently, there are many women officers in the Indian Army who are handling various operational roles at different levels. 

Given equal opportunities for women, the Indian Army has formed a permanent commission for women officers to keep them on the same level as their male colleagues. This shall not only help the women officers to bring more glory but also make them confident in handling more responsibilities and higher ranks.

Every women officer under this permanent commission are been given special training that challenges them to take up greater military assignments and empowers them for higher posts in the Indian Army. This program for the junior batches in the Indian army has also started. Selections in the junior batches for the permanent commission are made for those who have completed ten years of service in the Indian Army. 

With his grant from the permanent commission, the women army officers are moving into an era of gender equality and preparing to take various challenging posts just like their male colleagues. This also happens to be the first time that five of the women officers successfully cleared the DSSC and DSTSC exams. These exams are held once a year during the month of September. These five women officers shall take up another course for a year giving them the full authority for taking up commanding positions in the different serious job roles.

Although women officers are already a part of different adventures in the Indian army, this selection of the post of Colonel shall be a big boost. It will empower them for taking up many important positions just like the male officers in the Indian army. This not only shall identify quality but also inspire many girls in this country to join the forces.  It will also show them a way to tsking authoritative positions in the Indian Army too.