Who is LT Gen Manoj Pande? India’s New Army Chief

The Union government of India has decided to appoint LT General Manoj Pande to be the next Indian Army Chief. Lieutenant General Manoj Pande is the 29th Indian Army chief and the first officer to become the Army chief staff from the Corps of Engineers. Let us see more about the Lieutenant General in this article.

Manoj Pande’s Life Journey

Manoj Pande is the son of Dr. C G Pande, who is a clinical psychotherapist and also the head of the Department of Psychology at the famous Nagpur university. Prema was his mother, who was a show host on the All India Radio. After finishing his studies in school, he went on and joined the National Defence Academy (NDA.) In the NDA, he got graduated and received the degree for Bachelor of Science.

After finishing his NDA course, he attended the Indian Military academy, which turned his life forever for the greater good. He then went on to Pune to pursue the Bachelor of Technology in the College of Military Engineering. Manoj Pande then got married to a skilled and intelligent gold medalist in dentistry named Archana Salpekar on May 3, 1987.

LT Gen Manoj Pande

Manoj Pande’s Military Operations

After finishing his studies, he was commissioned into the corps of engineers in Bombay in 1982. After that, he went to Britain to attend the Staff College in Camberley. He was appointed to the Mountain Brigade as the brigade major. The Mountain Brigade was in Northeast India. He was then promoted to the Lutienent Colonel and worked as the Chief Engineer in the UN’s missions in Ethiopia.

He then commanded the Loc (line of control) in Jammu and Kashmir while commanded the 117 Engineer Regiment. From then, he climbed the ranks of the military quickly and became the Major General sooner. As the Major General, he was assigned to common the 8 Mountian Division that was responsible for performing military operations in Ladakh at extreme heights.

Considering his efficient work in the military, he was promoted again as the Lieutenant General Manoj Pande. As the Lieutenant General, he was entitled to the position of the Chief Staff of Southern Command. He was well known for the Counter-insurgency operations that he performed in Tezpur. He commanded the IV Corps in the Nort East region and accomplished the mission successfully.

He was just a second Lieutenant in 19892 when he was commanding the corps of engineers. He then destroyed each obstacle he faced and made them the stepping stones to his success and became the Lieutenant General in 2017.

First Indian Army Chief From the Corps Of Engineers

General Manoj Mukund Naravane is the current Indian Army Chief, whose 28-month tenure is going to be completed on April 30, 2022. Lieutenant General Manoj Pande is going to replace General M Naravanae as the new Indian Army Chief. Lieutenant General Manoj Pande is the first Indian Army Chief Staff from the corps of engineers in the history of independent India should be noted. He is going to be the 29th Indian Army Chief and is expected to command the Indian Army from May 1.