While 54 Passengers Await In The Bus The Flight From Bengaluru Takes Off

According to a news published in The Times Of India, a case of shocking miscommunication occurred between the crew and the ground staff of Go First, a domestic airline. It has been reported that the flight took off for Delhi, leaving back fifty-four passengers. The fifty-four passenger was left awaiting inside the bus on the tarmac of Bengaluru’s Kempegowda airport. Once this serious mistake was realized by the airport officials, the airline took the initiative of flying the remaining passengers on another flight to Delhi which took off after four hours.

This unexpected event happened around quarter to six am on Monday morning. It happened on the G8 116 Go Flight airline, which was scheduled for carrying the passenger from Bangaluru to Delhi. The report further stated that a total number of four busses had carried the passengers to the transport fliers that morning that were awaiting the flight across the tarmac. 

Flight From Bengaluru
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The team of reporters from the Times Of India had also approached the officials of Go Flight airlines to find out the details that have led to this confusion. But the officials had refused to say anything about the matter. 

Flyers Stranded Were Given New Passes To Another Flight 

Although this is not a new incident as there have been several reports in the past of similar incidents with different other airlines too but, this has indeed caused great inconvenience to passengers. Especially it happened during a time when all the different states in India are under a very cold climate and dense fog. Which is leading to the delay or cancellation of many domestic and international flights. 

A stranded passenger named Sumit Kumar upon being interviewed by the TOI reporters told about the incident. He said that it was a very agonizing moment. He was on the third bus while the rest of the three buses had already taken the passengers into the flight. It also included five passengers belonging to the fourth bus. He was traveling with a friend who had got boarded the plane and sensed something was wrong. The friend called Sumit to inform him that the flight was about to take off. Sumit shouted at the ground staff letting them know that the flight was leaving without taking all of them. 

This incident and chaos have also left the airport officials in shock. They tried their best to convince the irate passengers who were questioning the officials about this careless mess up. Later the officials announced that immediate action was being undertaken so that the passengers were able to reach their destination without further delay. The officials then took fifty-four of the remaining passengers out of the bus and escorted them through the departure area. The staff gave them new boarding passes as they accommodated them into another flight. All these passengers had to go through the security proceedings once again before being boarded another flight. Four hours later the previous flight, this flight that accommodated fifty-four of the remaining passengers finally took off. By the time all these fifty-four passengers had completed the luggage-checking formalities at the Delhi airport, it became 2 pm by then.