Virat Starts Preparations To Come Out Of Tough Times

He is the most talked about ahead of the start of the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates. Or better said, his being out of form is the matter most talked about. It has been almost three years since Virat Kohli did not score a century in international cricket. There is a lot of discussion going on in the cricket world. Former cricketers are giving various suggestions.

Virat’s statement 

What does the great Virat say about this? According to this legendary batsman, he has no technical problems. That happened during the 2014 England tour. As a result, he is not interested in making any changes in his batting. “I know where I stand,” said Virat on the channel broadcasting the Asia Cup. “This is all I can say, I would not have come this far in international cricket if I had not been able to deal with difficult conditions, difficult environment, different bowling.”

Virat Starts Preparations
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Virat feels that he found some flaws in his game during the England tour in 2014. After rectifying that, he went to England in 2018 and scored almost 600 runs. In Virat’s words, “What happened in England in 2014 happened in a certain way. So I aimed to correct those mistakes. Which I did.” But this time the problem is different, says the former captain of India. In his words, “But this time we cannot point the finger at any specific issue and say, it is going wrong. It needs to be fixed.”

The memory of the 2014 England tour

The problem is, that Virat has been out in almost every type of delivery in recent times. Short ball, full-length ball, swing, cutter, off spin, leg spin, left-arm spin! Virat, however, feels that since his outings are not in a particular pattern, it is a good thing. Virat explained, “Because, I understand that I am batting well. I am in rhythm. The way I am getting out is not a problem for me. That was in 2014.” He added, “In that England tour, I felt I wasn’t batting well. So, I tried to correct the mistake that I was getting out of. And I came back after doing it successfully.”

Virat is now busy preparing for the Asia Cup starting on August 27. Indian team has reached Dubai. Virat knows that he has to come back by fighting these ups and downs of cricket life. One of the greatest batsmen of all time said, “I know there are ups and downs. I also know how consistent I can be when I come out of this situation. The experience I have accumulated is very sacred to me.” Virat also said, “This situation is easy for me to handle. But that said, I don’t want to forget this chapter of life’s journey. I want to learn from this.”

The Indian team reached Dubai on Tuesday. India’s preparations started on Wednesday. On the first day, Virat was seen burning with the bat in the net.