Vaccination for Pregnant Women

The National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) has recommended pregnant women take their jabs to reduce the risk of Covid infection. Pregnant women can now register for their vaccine at CoWIN platform as well as by visiting vaccination centres. 

Risks in being infected by Covid-19 during pregnancy:

Vaccination for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who are affected by Covid-19, face a rapid deterioration of their health. The severity leads to affect the foetus too. It also results in the preterm birth of the child and even higher chances of neonatal morbidity. 

Pregnant women especially those over the age of 35, or pre-existing body conditions like high blood pressure or obesity are prone to a higher risk of severe illness due to Covid-19. History of clotting in limbs in pregnant women leads to severe complications. 

What was the situation before?

A lack of data efficacy prevailed as clinical trials were not performed on pregnant women as participants. Hence, only lactating women were eligible to get their vaccines whereas pregnant women were not. 

New guidelines issued:

After a proper examination, the Health Ministry has framed guidelines based on the recommendation of the NTAGI. The fresh guidelines insist that pregnant women can take their Covid-19 vaccine by registering themselves in the Co-WIN portal or by walk-in registrations. 

The NTAGI chairperson Dr N K Arora has given an interview denoting that; the chances of pregnant women dying due to Covid-19 has been a tremendous increase by two to three times during the second wave. 

To reduce the severity of it, it is recommended that the vaccine should be taken by pregnant women without any sort of hesitation. Dr N K Arora also said that it has been planned to track and follow up on the pregnant women who got vaccinated to check the foetal outcomes.

Br Balram Bhargava, Director-General of the Indian Council for Medical Research has also stated the importance of vaccination for pregnant women. 

Side-effects of the vax on pregnant women:

It has mild side effects like fever and pain in the injected area for about 1-3 days. In rare conditions, the side-effect may be severe that require medical help. But vaccination should be promoted among pregnant women.