Unlock Admissions In International Institutions: Redbooks Abroad Introduces Consultancy Solutions For Students In Kerala

Redbooks Abroad, one of the leading consultancy firms in Kerala, is thrilled to introduce consultancy solutions for students to help them get admissions in international institutions through extensive counselling and efficient application process. One of the prestigious overseas consultancy firm in the region, Redbooks Abroad hopes to help aspiring international students find educational opportunities and success in the field of their choice.

“We are elated to provide educational opportunities to students based on their preferences, especially budgets. We want to make it happen for them so they can achieve their aspirations in foreign lands with confidence,” shares the Founder of the company. “We envision a world for our students that welcomes them, appreciates their interests and talents, and prepares them for a career of their choice without breaking the bank.”

Redbooks Abroad Introduces Consultancy Solutions For Students In Kerala

Redbooks Abroad gives consideration to the financial situation of students and their unexplored potential. The company recommends courses as well as paid internships across international destinations such as Singapore, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, the US, and Canada. The 15+ years of experience, this overseas consultancy firm can be advantageous for its students. The overseas education consultancy can empower students with programs, courses, and learning opportunities to pick from based on their lifestyle preferences.

Redbooks Abroad isn’t just any overseas consultancy firm. Students can count on them, considering their recognition by top business magazines and award ceremonies. The years 2023 and 2024 have proved to be a turning point in their journey of guiding students.

In the year 2023, the company was presented an award by LinkedIn for Outstanding Foreign Education Consultancy & Value Added Services in Kerala. Pride India Awards also recognized the consistent efforts of this consultancy in Kerala, and awarded it the Most Trusted Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala. Following the immense accolades in 2023, the year 2024 is also proving to be a tremendously successful year for the Redbooks Abroad company. The company has already been awarded twice by the well-known business magazine Business Insights with Outstanding Academic Counselling For International Students Award and the Emerging Brand of Kerala Award.

The team of educators and consultants at Redbooks Abroad are qualified and accomplished to guide students and ensure their needs are met. Students aspiring to study abroad can reach out to Redbooks Abroad for in-depth insights and personalized guidance. Over the years, Redbooks Abroad has successfully sent over 8,200 students to pursue their academic aspirations in international universities and colleges.

Redbooks Abroad can offer students with ease in the application process, visa application, and accommodation search. The study abroad education consultants in Kerala can provide step-by-step guidance to students face-to-face and online without charging anything at all. Students can also connect with industries as they pursue education for paid internships. The company is offering free consultation to connect students with right student opportunities on their official website.