UGC Ordered to Observe Language Day

On the one hand, the center has taken initiatives to replace English in government work with Hindi throughout the country. The report of the concerned parliamentary committee has already been sent to the President. The protest started with that. In the meantime, the UGC directed the higher educational institutions of the country to observe ‘Indian Language Day’. According to the directive, such an initiative is to build harmony among the various languages ​​of India. Questions have also arisen about the exact purpose of the center.

The stance of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a meeting in Gujarat’s Kovadia on Monday that “propaganda is being carried out to make one Indian language an enemy of another Indian language.” According to experts, the attempt to impose Hindi everywhere is being protested. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan have protested the attempt to make Hindi the main medium of government work.

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This time, it has been decided to observe Indian Language Day to increase communication and practice among the local languages ​​by following the UGC guidelines, the National Education Policy. Institutions of higher learning should observe Tamil poet Subhramanyam Bharati’s birthday, December 11, as Indian Language Day. The initiative is to create ‘language harmony’ and create a conducive environment for learning Indian languages ​​other than the mother tongue, the directive said.

Statement from educational experts 

Abhik Majumdar, a teacher of Jadavpur University’s comparative literature department and chairman of the West Bengal syllabus committee, said on this day, “This initiative is very good. But it is being said that such an initiative is being taken according to the national education policy. This issue is not very clear.” According to him, the Center has already started efforts to spread Hindi. In that case, why such an initiative with multilingualism? Indian languages ​​have a long history of the mutual practice. That practice is very important. But this initiative cannot be found in harmony with the other announcements of the Centre.


Tarun Kanti Naskar, the editor of All Bengal Save Education Committee, said today, “The UGC directive states that the major Indian languages ​​have some structural similarities. This is against the history of Indian language evolution from a linguistic point of view. Languages ​​of the Dravidian family, especially Tamil and Sanskrit, have substantial structural differences. Answer The history of the development of Tamil is not the same as the development of Indian languages.” He also said, “The talk of harmonizing Indian languages ​​is not possible in this way. Therefore, the proposal to observe Subhramanyam Bharati’s birthday as Indian Language Day seems to be justified.” According to him, the people of Tamil Nadu have always opposed the imposition of Hindi like the people of many other languages. Given the central government’s current conspiracy to impose Hindi, it appears that there is some political motive behind this effort to appease the Tamil-speaking population.” This is how different opinions are emerging from different fields.