TX9 Patent Approved In-House “Thermal Protection System” To Resolve Indian EV Market’s Battery Hazards

Automobiles have made significant contributions to reducing global warming hazards. All major players in automobile industry along with new entrants have altered market demands for vehicles. Through its top-notch reliability and quality, as well as a long range of features, TX9 has proven its strengths in the electric vehicle industry. With the use of advanced robotic technology, it seeks to resolve many of the problems faced by the average EV user today.

Modern urban cities have been revolutionized by TX9 mobility solutions while offering consumers unprecedented money’s worth. Apart from establishing itself around the world, the Bangalore-based company enjoys good sales in both the Asian and African continents apart from India. Its E-scooters are highly regarded for their interchangeable suitcase batteries, which provide three different charging options. Moreover, this vehicle possesses range of about 220 kilometers on single charge, making it a smart and economical option.

Founder and CEO, Akhilraj Dhanarajan points out that the world is entering the era of electric vehicles. Hence, one needs to fully grasp the potential of technology and implement it in the relevant area to turn this change into a major revolution. The R&D teams at TX9 are not only developing existing technologies, but they are also developing novel ones. Based on TX9’s vision, the company is focused on developing AI-based electric vehicles for the public using a very distinctive approach. Not like other new players in 2-wheeler electric vehicle segment, which envisages a measured move into developing 4-wheeler electric vehicles.

As the major component of an electric vehicle, the battery of an e-vehicle must be developed using top-notch technologies to ensure that end users of the product do not face any risks or hazards. In order to prevent short circuits within battery cells, TX9 includes separators and protective levers. In order to limit the temperature within the decided range, the company uses thermal sensors in its battery technology. For the battery system as well, TX9 has metal body rather than ABS to prevent fires.

TX9 Patent Approved

By integrating world-class technologies into its vehicles, TX9 ensures it remains on top of changing trends in the EV market at an affordable price. Its exceptional team, who are deeply passionate about EVs and always looking for ways to implement innovative ideas, is TX9’s backbone.

The TX9 450X is currently being tested for launch and will have a management system that is completely thermal to ensure the battery doesn’t overheat, whether the electric vehicle’s powered off or on. Secondly, another patent approved will deliver a station that utilizes 100 percent sustainable energy. As for the next patent, the approval process for the hybrid system’s in its infancy right now.

As COVID-19 unfolded, the electric vehicle market was impacted immensely, and at present, a difference in consumers’ basic desires and preferences is evident. With EV sales growing at a rapid rate, TX9 has dedicated itself to continuously uplifting the industry and taking it to new heights indeed.