Twitter Employees Makes A Sudden Exit From Meeting

A lot has been happening around Twitter for some time now ever since Elon Musk took charge of it. Right from the firing of many of its employees to making multiple changes and adding many paid features too, Twitter has indeed left a buzz around. The latest report on NDTV, states that Twitter had fallen into pitless chaos under its new owner Elon Musk. It states that Musk had given a deadline to its employees till 5 pm on Thursday deciding on choosing to stay with Twitter or leave it. Hundreds of Twitter employees have come to a decision to leave Twitter with three months’ severance salary.

Amidst all this chaos, through an email, Twitter also made an announcement that it would be shutting down all its office buildings and also would be disabling the employee badges by the coming Monday. While all these were happing around Twitter, Musk along with a few of his advisors kept conducting meetings with some of the Twitter workers in pursuit of stopping them from quitting the services on Twitter. It led to further chaos without getting any clarity as Musk kept sending confusing messages on the remote work policy of the company.

Twitter Employees
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Musk along with his team kept conducting meetings, especially with the undecided employees who are an integral part of Twitter’s operation team. The motive behind this meeting Musk was to retain them in the company. The report states that in his pitch to the employees’ Musk stressed the fact that he knows how to win and he wanted the people to stay a part of his team. During one of those meetings, a few employees were made to gather in the conference room of his San Francisco office and other were connected through videoconferencing.  Once it had crossed the 5 pm deadline, a few of the employees from the meeting hung up. It looked like they have decided to exit while Musk kept speaking, the reports added.

In the past few weeks, the world has been witness to the fact that Musk has been firing everyone who opposed his ideas through public Tweets. Musk even went on to tell his employees that they need to be extremely result-oriented to bring success to the company. Along with this, he gave 36 hours to them decide over if they wish to leave or continue to bring breakthrough Twitter 2.0.

Twitter Employees
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In another report published in The New York Times states that Musk’s decision on firing so many of his valuable employees during such a crucial time has raised questions about the future of Twitter. The report also states that after Masked had asked his employees about their decision over the association with Twitter, the employees were given an FAQ document on exit packages too. The opening sentences in the FAQ had the words that whatever Musk decides shall be the ultimate call for the company. A whole series of mixed messages from Musk has indeed put a question on the survival of Twitter and all the changes it is to be implemented.