The World Health Organization recommends Covid Tests in Schools

As per the new recommendations published by the WHO on Friday, covid-19 testing must be a priority for children who have the symptoms. These symptoms include anything regarding respiratory trouble or infection. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked to take Covid-19 tests in schools to avoid the ill effects of closures and distance learning. 

Hans Kluge, WHO’s regional director for Europe has said that the summer season offers a greater advantage for the governments to make the required set of measures that will help to keep the rate of infection and the spread of Covid-19 a little lower. This would ultimately lead to the disclosures of the schools. The World Health Organization recommends Covid Tests in Schools.

To this, he also added that the effects of closing schools all over the world lead to a harmful impact on the education,physical, mental and social well-being of the children and youth.

He said that during the spread of new variants and unvaccinated people in schools, the government should take the right move against it for the welfare of the children and their development.

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The World Health Organization recommends Covid Tests in Schools

Dr. Hans Kluge also mentioned that the spread of new variants, with the presence of unvaccinated people in the school environment, means that there is no time to lose. The time to act is at least now. The pandemic condition should not be a barrier to children’s education and development. The World Health Organization recommends Covid Tests in Schools.

WHO recommends Covid testing for children even with the asymptomatic state if they have any close contacts to a Covid affected patient. This testing is not recommended if the school has no person detected with coronavirus cases. 

Another note was to the UN agencies that the decision of closing schools should only be considered as a last option when the situation is uncontrollable by other means.

This is an important note to take into consideration as remote learning in the form of online classes has affected the mental and physical health of children and the youth. It has also been addressed considering the dropout rates of children in various countries. The government must take effective action to provide education properly to the children.