The Weather In Pune Turns Chilly As The Temperature Drops To 8.6° Celsius

According to a report published in The Times Of India, on Monday, across several places in Maharashtra along with Jalgaon, the minimum temperature has dropped by a few degrees. It has made the winters turn even colder than it was in a few days back. Jalgaon has been the coldest so far taking the temperatures to 5 degrees Celsius. According to the IMD data that has got published, Shivajinagar is not far behind too. Here the temperature markings showed a little over eight and a half degrees Celsius too, marking it as the coldest day till now in this season.

From Sunday, the minimum temperature has got dropped down by six degrees from eleven degrees Celsius in Jalgaon. Across the different places in north India, the temperature markings had shown even lower than here. Throughout the day-long readings of the temperature, it has stayed much lower across the district of Maharashtra and in a few other places in the state as well.

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Chandigarh showed a recording of its minimum temperature to be around a little lower than eight and a half degrees Celsius. The IMD data has further revealed that had a little over nine degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature in Dehradun was around seven degrees Celsius. Amongst all these places Vaishno Devi was still a little better, making its minimum temperature daylong at a little over ten degrees Celsius.

There have been reports of the temperatures turning more colder in Pune in the next few days. Just like the conditions across different states in India, in Pune, too many flights and trains are either getting delayed or canceled due to intense fog. Delays are mostly expected in evening or late-night travels. Many flights are been diverted across different states too. Aurangabad which is within close proximity of Jalgaon has marked the coldest day of the season. The minimum temperature here has been a little over eight and a half degrees Celsius. This has been a massive low here compared to Sunday’s reading of thirteen degrees Celsius. Previously Nasik has shown a low of a little over nine degrees Celsius during this season of winter.

According to the regional center of the Meteorological Department in India which is in Mumbai, a notice has been issued that there are chances of severe cold waves hitting across Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Nashik, and Dhule within the next forty-eight hours. GP Sharma, who happens to be the president of the Weather Services at Skymet has told that in the north there have been readings of the temperatures being extremely cold. 

It is because of an anti-cyclone that is shifting over Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the north easterly cold winds are blowing in these regions. Due to its effects, Maharashtra is facing such lower minimum temperatures. The situation is expected to be the same for another twenty-four hours. After which there shall be a rise in the minimum temperatures, Sharma assured. Anupam Kashyapi, who happens to be the head of the IMD, Pune has told since there has been a snowfall in the Himalayas so as an effect to it the temperature in Maharashtra has gone further down.