The talks about the Indian cricket skipper and the statements.

In recent statements made by Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli, India’s veteran ace off-spinner comes to aid when things start to take a new turn.

According to many people, Virat Kohli made a statement after losing the WTC final against New Zealand that winners shouldn’t be just decided by just winning one match, but rather be chosen from a series of three test matches.

Many people thought that the Indian cricket skipper is making excuses about losing the match against New Zealand.

This statement was made by Virat Kohli when he was asked by the famous England player and cricket writer Michael Atherton in an after-match presentation.

Nut recently, the famous Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin stated over his YouTube channel in a vlog that the Indian skipper Virat Kohli only suggested the best of three match’s winner strategy and didn’t demand it.

Indian cricket skipper

The Indian cricket skipper

The spinner said word to word: that he has heard people saying that Virat Kohli wants three test matches instead of one to be played to decide the winner, but it’s ridiculous. He only suggested this particular format because it will be easier and accurate to measure who the winner is, he never demanded anything.

Ashwin also added: that it will be better for the team and management because the three test matches give the team a chance to make a comeback.

The Indian team who was part of the WTC is currently under a three-week break. They need to head to the UK on 14th July 2021 for another five test match series against England.

The test matches will start on 4th August 2021 in Nottingham.

Ashwin has also reacted to the upcoming test saying the break is crucial for the Indian players to breathe some fresh air and regain their energy.

He wanted people to know that the Indian team has been going through a lot and they need a change of pace to recoup their energy and strength.

He ended his vlog shortly after this. The controversy about Virat Kohli was backed up by the Indian Spinner as a part of the crew.