The Surge Of Covid In Other Nations Creates A Demand In Maharashtra For Booster

An article that has got published in The Indian Express states that the immunization officer of Maharashtra, Dr. Sachin Desai has said that on average, ten thousand booster doses are being given to people of Maharashtra each day. Maharashtra has seen an increase in the recipients of the precautionary booster vaccine, recently, as there has been news about the fresh Covid-19 cases in China and a few other nations. The recent increase in the number of people for this booster has taken up the count to almost fifty lakhs.

By the data published by the health department of Maharashtra, more than four crore people between the ages of eighteen to forty-four have taken booster shots for Covid-19. The administration of the vaccination started on January 2020. Amongst the age group of eighteen to forty-four years, about thirty lakhs of people have received the booster till now. And about fifteen lakh people have got it since January 02, this year whose ages range from forty-five to fifty-nine years. 

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The new data from the health department states that between the age of forty-five to fifty-nine years, there are still around 1.4 crores of citizens who have not yet been given the booster shot. And 3.3 crores of young adults between eighteen and forty-four years of age are yet to receive too. About thirty percent of the people within the sixty years age bracket or more have received their booster dose. Amongst the one crore population target who are falling under the category of sixty years or more, close to four lakhs of people have got the dose.

Stating the outspread of Covid-19 in Maharashtra, the report reads, till now, there has been news of close to eighty-two lakhs of Covid cases and about 1.5 lakhs of deaths due to covid have been reported. The data further states that overall in India, above four crore cases of Covid, were reported amongst which more than five lakh people had died. From the Union Ministry, health care data has been published too which tells that till January 02 this year, above two hundred and twenty crores of vaccines have been given so far all across India. It also states that the people of India are more aware and serious about the process of vaccination. 

As per the latest update from WHO, till January 01, of this year, there have been six hundred and sixty-five million confirmed cases of Covid all across the world out of which six hundred and six people have died. Beyond China, a sub-variant of Omicron was detected back in October last year. It was deadly because the sub-variant was a combination of two other lineages of sub-variants. In the report of WHO, it has further been stated that in Europe and the USA, this subvariant is on an increase. Apart from them, it has also got spread across twenty-five more countries. India along with ten other countries which include Australia has tightened its Covid protocols for travelers who are flying in.