The murder case of Delhi’s Mehrauli

According to a report published on News18, the latest updates on Delhi’s Mehrauli murder case have taken a strange turn. To a big revelation in connection to the murder case, the Delhi police have said that the accused Aaftab Amin Poonawalla was highly under the influence of marijuana when committing the murder of his live-in partner Shraddha Walker. A team of Delhi Police has also visited the private firm in Gurugram, where Aaftab used to work. After a search, the police got hold of a plastic bag from the bushes around the vicinity of the office, containing a few items. Although it is yet to be identified to whom those things in the plastic bag belong.

A friend of Shraddha Rahul Rai has revealed that back in 2020 he had helped her in filing an FIR against Aaftab because he had beaten Shraddha. He told that Shraddha had refused the officer to detain Aaftab for an interrogation stating that, such happens when people are in a relationship. Aaftab has been accused of murdering his girlfriend brutally in Delhi and chopping her body in 35 pieces. An official has said that this behavior of Aaftab is like a seasoned criminal. A PTI report states that till now the police have been able to recover 13 body parts only which are bones mostly.

From the department of Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), a senior member who is in charge of taking the DNA match of Aaftab has said that Aaftab had behaved very normally during this whole incident which is akin to a professional criminal. Another official who was a part of the investigating team at the crime scene has told that the accused had removed all the evidence of the murder weapon from the house just like a professional criminal. In the meantime, the Delhi court has given permission to overtake a Narco test on Aaftab and the accused too had given his consent. Even while the judge had asked the accused if he was aware of what the Narco test can bring upon him, the accused said that he is aware of it.

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About a hundred lawyers had gathered around the premises of the court in a petition to award a death penalty to the accused. They said that they are looking to have a fair investigation around the matter and the decision must be made on a fast-track court. In the meantime, the Delhi police have also made inquiries at the 178 police stations belonging to 15 districts on the results of the investigation of unidentified body parts that have been recovered since the month of May. Till now the police have been able to recover 13 body parts of females from different areas and are in the process of sending them for DNA analysis.

Aaftab who is 28 years old had strangled Walker in the Month of May and sawed her entire body to 35 pieces in his 300-liter fridge for about three weeks in his house before dumping them in the sewage over the past few midnights. The family members of Shradha had filed a complaint about her missing daughter at the Manikpur police station. Twice Aaftab had been called for questioning in October and November and he has told that he was no longer living with Shradha, as reported by the assistant police inspector Sampatrao Patil. He even said that even after questioning the accused for hours there were no moments on which they could suspect him.

The Delhi Police had also told the court that they would be taking Aaftab to Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh for investigation. Before renting a flat in Delhi, Aaftab and Shraddha had traveled to the hills in the month of March and April.