The E-Double Decker Bus In Mumbai Is Off With A Great Start

According to a report published in The Times Of India, the first ever electric double-decker bus in Mumbai has made a great start. On the very first day of the BEST electric double-decker’s journey right from CMST up to Nariman Point and then back again, it has seen great success. There was an attendance of above a thousand commuters in the bust from college students to office goers. Everyone wanted to be a part of his historic moment and they all seemed to have enjoyed their journey. 

An office-goer by the name of Suresh Tamhane has informed us that these kinds of buses are more visible in London and now that the facility has been made in India too so it is indeed a fresh start and a proud moment being one of the commuters of this bus. Riding on the bust has given us an international feel.

Mr. Tamhane has further stated that although this is currently a single bus in the fleet but given an opportunity, he would love to travel to work on this bus again. He further feels that all the single-decker BST busses flying across the route of A-115, which is from CSMT to NCPA or Nariman Point must be converted into double-decker electric vehicles. Amongst many other passengers who had enjoyed the ride a young female commuter informed that along with the service, she was also happy about the safety features too. The bus has features for a panic button, CCTV cameras, and a live tracker on the app for BST buses as well.

Double Decker Bus
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Each of the commuters who were a part of the electric double-decker bus of BEST appreciated the service. Kishore Desai, another commuter shared that the queue was proper and systematic and there were no issues with changes as it operates through a compulsory digital system for ticketing. 

Many commuters loved the fact of having two staircases on the bus. It reduces the issues with crowding at the entrance or getting pushed while getting off the bus or boarding. According to the rule, a passenger is to the board taking the front door and is to exit taking the rear door. On the upper deck, passengers are not allowed to stand while traveling. And people who wished to use cash are directed for having a Chalo card topping up for cash and thereafter tapping on the machine while boarding the bus and exiting.

Manoj Varade who happens to be a spokesperson of the BEST has informed that they are also about to launch the electric double-decker from Colaba, Kurla, and Churchgate too in this week. It was indeed a historic moment and so they even distributed sweets to the passengers while beginning their journey.  BEST also has thoughts about increasing its number of daily commuters and transferring the ticketing mode into the digital platform completely. Presently, about eight lakh commuters travel each day using the BEST buss.