Telangana Covid E-Pass Application and Status Check

Coronavirus originated in China in December 2019, but soon spread its wings around the world. With the rising number of active Covid – 19 cases, it is a concerning scenario for every nation, including India. The central government has been implementing various measures and issuing guidelines to combat the pandemic. Lockdown was one such measure wherein the movement of the citizens was restricted to emergency purposes. 

Telangana State Lockdown e-Pass 

Telangana is one newly originated South Indian state with a growing number of Covid – 19 cases each day. Death and devastation are looming around with no hope of recovery anytime soon. The state’s CM, Mr. Chandrasekhara Rao, imposed a complete lockdown in the state to curb the extent of the pandemic. The second stage of coronavirus has become deadlier, and there seems to be no other way than to impose a complete lockdown. 

Telangana government issued an official Government Order stating that people would require a travel pass to cross the state’s borders anytime in the day during lockdown. Allowing the commodities, the government said that regulations are in force near the borders, and people with valid e passes would only be permitted to cross the border.

A plea was put forth before the Supreme Court of India challenging the requirement of e pass in Telangana. The Justice Bench with Judges Mr. V Ramasubhramanian and Indira Banerjee refused the plea by saying that it cannot be entertained and dismissed it. Filed by a law student, the said plea challenged Telangana Government mandating the e Pass under the Disaster Management Act. Though mandating the pass is a temporary measure from the government, it has now become mandatory for people to hold a pass until further notice from the government. 

People with meager earnings, companies running in losses, and family members in emergency situations made the government allow emergency movement during the restricted hours. Citizens facing such consequences are required to apply for a Lockdown e pass and provide all the essential documents for being able to travel in and out of the state in emergencies. 

TS Online Covid Pass Registration 

Telangana’s state government now gives its people access to the lockdown or covid e pass for traveling during the lockdown. Working as proof of the holder being Covid – 19 negative, this e pass from the government lets people travel within the state and interstates as well. E pass holders can travel for emergency situations or buy emergency supplies while lockdown is imposed. The covid pass has to be accompanied by valid proof of identification like an Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and driving license of the holder, amongst others. People can also use their work identification card to ensure the e pass’ validity. 

The applicants who are to travel past Telangana state are also required to apply for an e pass from the government. Before applying, one should not have any Covid – 19 related symptoms like fever, flu, and cold. The Telangana government issued all the necessary guidelines before extending the state-wide lockdown. Setting the relaxation time between 06.00 AM and 05.00 PM, the government allowed emergency and healthcare workers’ movement. 

Anyone who is looking forward to applying for the Telangana State lockdown e pass has to register themself on the online portal. The process is tricky and is not up for easy approval. The following are the steps for registering on the official portal. 

  1. The applicants need to open the official police portal of the Telangana government. 
  2. There is a ‘Curfew e Pass Online Registration’ option on the website. The applicant is supposed to click on this option.
  3. The page would then redirect to a set of dialogue boxes. Here, the applicants are supposed to give in their mobile number, date of birth, and other relevant information. 
  4. On proceeding further, the applicants are required to enter the travel details like time, place, and the route for the same. In case of using a vehicle for travel purposes, the applicants should enter these details as well. 
  5. Now, the applicants need to mention the purpose of applying for the e pass. One has to be careful while giving the reason as this becomes the basis for approval of the pass. 

After completing the process mentioned above, every applicant is required to wait for official confirmation from the Telangana government. 

Telangana Lockdown e Pass Status 

Upon registering for the e pass, the applicants need to wait for the Telangana government’s approval. In the meanwhile, the applicants can check their e pass status in the following way. 

  1. Visit the official portal of the Telangana government, i.e., the same page used for registration. 
  2. On the homepage menu, the applicants can find the ‘Lockdown e Pass Download and Status’ option. 
  3. Clicking on this option redirects the homepage to a new window. Here, the applicants need to enter the details like application number and others wherever asked. 
  4. After entering all the necessary details, click on the search option or enter. 

The applicants can now find the status displayed on the new webpage. If the status is ‘Pending,’ the approval is yet to be processed and the applicants are required to wait for a little longer. If the status says ‘Rejected,’ the reason may not be appropriate, and the applicants may reapply for the e pass from the beginning. In case of ‘Accepted,’ status, the applicants can download the e pass and take a printout of it.