Swann’s Opinion About Ashwin Being the First Choice

The fifth India-England Test starts in Edgbaston on Friday. India are still 2-1 up in that series. Rishabh Pant with the team won two Tests in the last tour of England under Virat Kohli. Corona panicked and the tour was postponed with one Test left. Who is ahead in the last match of that series? Who is behind? Whose spin division is strong? The former England off spinner Graeme Swann sat down with a number of media outlets to discuss the issue at the Sony Sports Network. Here are some important points from that discussion.

Who is ahead in the test?

Had there been the previous England team, the trophy could have been handed over to India effortlessly. But the current England team is very strong. Ben Stokes, Joe Root have the best rhythm. I am very happy that the fifth match is starting in a few days. The current England team is very terrible. They are in a very good place. India will not be able to beat England if Root and Stokes play well. The rhythm they have is not supposed to bring a bad game. If Virat and Bumrah play well for India, England will be under pressure. I think the series will end 2-2.

Who is the leader instead of Rohit?

If Rohit is not healthy, Virat Kohli will lead. I don’t know if he wants to do it or not. He was the leader in the series. Ben Stokes would also like it if Virat becomes the leader. If Kohli does not want to be, he can pass it on to Rishabh. England will not be worried about the opposing captain. We will try to tie India within 250.

Ashwin or Jadeja?


I think Ashwin should play in Edgbaston. He will be able to bounce the ball with the help of his height. Cook was out in Edgbaston thanks to him. Ashwin should be India’s first choice in any match. Jadeja can play as a batsman. Ashwin can make a difference on the Edgbaston pitch. Don’t think, green pitch will be made. It will be batting pitch. Ashwin will surely enjoy there.

Spin division of two teams

Jack Leach is confident. But the spin divisions of these two teams should not be compared. The Indian spin division is much stronger. But keep an eye on Leach. He could not cope with the pressure on Indian soil. But in England he should be kept under special scrutiny. Although he can not be compared with Ashwin. Ashwin is one of the best in the world. Leach, however, is very confident in Brendon McCullum’s training.

Pujara’s return 

He has been great for Sussex. Has been in England since the start of the season. I think it is a blessing for India. He should play.

Virat and Root comparison

I wish Virat could arrange an innings like Joe Root. Both are no longer leading the team. If both of them can give their best, the test will be even more intense.