Sundar Pichai, The CEO Of Google Receives The Padma Bhushan, 2022

A report published in Washington quotes the words of Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai said that India lives in him and he takes it along with him, everywhere. Mr. Pichai had quoted this while he received the very prestigious Padma Bhushan award in the US from the Indian envoy.

Mr. Pichai who happens to be an Indian-American has been given the Padma award for this year 2022. Mr. Pichai who was born in Madurai was on the list of seventeen awardees for this year. In a private ceremony amongst the company of his family members and a few chosen friends, Mr. Pichai received the third-highest civilian award in India.

Mr. Pichai who is fifty years old now had received it from Taranjit Singh Sandhu who is the Ambassador of India to the US. Mr. Pichai has expressed his sincere and deepest gratitude to the Government of India and the citizens for this honor. He felt honored to receive it from the nation that had shaped his life. And while stating this honor he went on to say that India is a part of him and he carries it wherever he goes., unlike this award which shall be kept safely somewhere.

Sundar Pichai
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He also said that he felt fortunate to be born into a family that cherished knowledge and learning. Thanking his parents Mr. Pichai said that they had made immense sacrifices so that he could get the opportunity of exploring his interests. TV Nagendra Prasad who happens to be the Consul General from India in the US was also present during the event.

Talking about Mr. Pichai, Mr. Sandhu told that Mr. Pichai is the representative of limitless possibilities for transformation through technology. He had put commendable effort into making effective tools to go digital and the skills approachable to different societies and people all over the world. While recalling the 3s vision of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, which are simplicity, speed, and service, Mr. Sandhu hoped that Google will use the digital revolution in India. 

While Mr. Pichai also stated that during his last few visits to India, he had been fascinated by India’s technological change at a rapid pace. Right from voice technology to digital payments, all the Innovations that India had brought had benefitted people all across the world. As they are working together into bringing out more benefits to people, Mr. Pichai says he looks for the continuance of this partnership. Due to these digital transformations, more people even across the rural sectors in India have got access to the internet. Different businesses are also looking forward to this digitization of India. 

About India now formally taken over the G20 Presidency, Mr. Pichai told that he is grateful for getting this opportunity for working together to create benefits for people through technology. With the use of an advanced machine learning system this year, there has been an addition of twenty-four languages. Amongst them, eight are natives of India.