Speculations On Suvendu’s Private Meeting With Shah

West Bengal state president and former state president are present in Delhi during the Parliament session. Despite this, speculations have started as to why the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Suvendu Adhikari, went to the Parliament ‘alone’ to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah the day before yesterday. The Trinamool camp claims that the mutual distance and differences between the state BJP leadership became clear again last day of that ‘single’ journey.

On the other hand, the state BJP leadership claimed that it was right from the beginning that Suvendu would go alone. But before the meeting with Suvendu, the MPs of the party decided among themselves in the parliament what will be discussed.

Details of the meeting 

image source:https://imgeng.jagran.com/images/2022/aug/suvenduamitani1659495110482.jpg

Suvendu Adhikari met Amit Shah in the Parliament the day before yesterday to complain about the corruption related to the appointment of teachers in the state. There were speculations till the night of the 1st that state BJP president Sukanta Majumdar would attend the meeting with Suvendu. But in the end, Suvendu met alone with Amit Shah. On the other hand, Sukanta met BJP All India President JP Nadda separately to discuss the same issue.

It added fuel to speculations of internal differences within the state BJP leadership regarding factionalism. The Trinamool camp asks, “Where are the rest?”

Sukanta’s comments 

Later, in a press conference, Sukanta denied any disagreements surrounding the meeting. He said, “Before the meeting with Amit Shah, Suvendu and the party MPs held discussions among themselves in the Central Hall.” While not directly commenting on his ‘alone’ meeting, Suvendu made it clear that he has no conflict or differences with other top leaders of the state leadership. 

After a courtesy interview with the former governor of West Bengal and NDA’s vice-presidential candidate Jagdeep Dhankhar, he claimed to the media, “Dilip Ghosh’s birthday was yesterday. So I will meet him to wish him. Then there is a plan to meet Sukanta Majumdar.”

In the meeting with Amit Shah the day before yesterday, Suvendu also discussed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in addition to teacher recruitment corruption. Even though the law was passed by the Parliament in 2019, Amit Shah’s ministry has not been able to prepare the provisions and rules of that law. The BJP leadership wants to implement the law before the Lok Sabha polls as the issue of giving citizenship to the Matua community is involved with that law.

The party knows very well that if the act to grant citizenship to the Matuas is not initiated before the Lok Sabha, there is every possibility that the support of the Matua community will fall behind the BJP. After the meeting with Shah last day, Suvendu said in this context, “The work of giving booster dose vaccine is going on in the country. Amit Shah has assured that the provisions and rules of the law will be prepared only after the booster dose phase is over.”

Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendushekhar Roy’s counter question, “Why will the work of making any law for Corona be stopped?”