Sourav Ganguly May Return To CAB

Sourav Gangopadhyay does not want to retire from administrative life even though he has been ignored and removed from the Indian Cricket Board. Instead, he has started looking for a way back like cricket life.

Statement from reliable sources 

According to reliable sources, the neglected and humiliated Sourav on the board may return as the president of the state cricket body i.e., CAB. He also gave this indication when he came to CAB on Thursday. The members said that if the opposition groups are active in the CAB if the election looms in Eden, then without any hesitation, he ‘wants to enter the field’. If the electoral rush does not sound, then can he stand for the presidency? Sourav himself probably hasn’t taken the final decision yet.

Sourav Ganguly
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But like some, may be interested in the presidency even if not elected. Because, in addition, there is no other way to float in the field of cricket administration!

Sourav himself is well aware that after losing the approval of the board, he has also fallen behind in the race for the ICC chairman. For that too, the support of the powerful political part of the country will be needed. According to the Board President, they will decide who will be nominated from India if they fight for the ICC post. Where the joint secretary is not correct without the instructions of the high command, the ICC chairman is a big deal! Nothing will happen if ‘that phone’ doesn’t come.

Necessity of approval 

According to informed sources, if Sourav has to save the ‘wicket’ of the ICC, he will have to secure the approval of the BJP high command. And if he wants to get it, he also has to ‘promise something’ in return. It is not at all an easy thing to throw a spanner into the gallery by taking that step out of cricket life. Because Sourav does not want to enter the arena of politics now. However, in one event, the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was heard in his mouth. “When I scored a century at Lord’s, I was only ten runs ahead. No one jumps for a century at the start. Even legends don’t become legends overnight. Sachin did not become the best cricketer in the world overnight. Ambani did not become an overnight success. Narendra Modi also did not happen in a day. Each step must be followed. You have to prepare yourself for every moment.”

According to the news of the Indian board, Anurag Thakur or N. Srinivasan is ahead of Sourav in the race for ICC chairman. No matter how much Anurag is actively engaged with the BJP party, an important minister at the center, and no matter how severe Srini’s physical ailments are. Another option is not to fight for the ICC chairmanship this time. It may be that after three years, India jumped to make someone else the head of the ICC. Discussions have also started in various circles about whether this ‘someone else’ is Amit Shah’s son Jay.