Significant Reasons For Re-Opening Of The Schools

According to the decision taken by Chief Ministers and State cabinet, all educational institutions including schools, colleges will start functioning from starting of this month. This means all students can attend their physical classes. Let’s check the Reasons For Re-Opening Of The Schools.

The state cabinet has also lifted the lockdown from Telangana state completely from June 20. The officials said that the school and other educational institutes reopening decision was taken after considering and analyzing the reports shared by the Health department about the second wave.

Many people are opposing and criticizing this decision of Telangana, as the third wave is about to come. And some of the significant concerns are discussed below-

  1. School-going children and teenagers under 18 are not vaccinated.
  2. All school teachers have not taken their second dose of vaccination.
  3. It is nearly impossible to follow and maintain social distancing rules in school.
  4. Children may act as a potential carriers and spread the virus to their family members.
  5. Most classrooms are not well-ventilated.

Reasons for which school should be opened-

Re-Opening Of The Schools

Yet there are many factors, for which school shouldn’t be opened, but this covid is not going away so early. A complete vaccination may occur by the starting or mid of 2022. Did children deserve another year remaining apart from their physical classes? If this condition goes on, our future generation will be much vulnerable and more flawed.

Economic loss: The pandemic has caused a massive amount of education and financial loss in the country. Many educational institutes in Germany and Austria have experienced academic loss. In our country, schools are closed for 15 months. And the opening of educational institutes is uncertain due to the pandemic situation. According to a survey, students learn more in the physical classroom than in online teaching. And keeping that in mind, students have faced a loss for more than one year.

Parents are Paying high for their children: Along with learning the syllabus, students learn other things from their teacher, classmates, and surroundings. In school, they interact with each other, which enhances their social and conversation skills. But as of now, they have to attend classes on their PC or Smartphone, which creates isolation, which results in anxiety and stress. Also, many parents are losing their jobs in this pandemic situation, which leads to financial instability.