Shilpa Shetty Stuns The Instagram With Her Elegant Retro Bollywood Looks

Shilpa Shetty Kundra has made us all nostalgic with her Elegant Retro Bollywood Looks and captivating Bollywood saree looks on the internet. The Baazigar actress stole hundreds of hearts once again with her gorgeous white and black polka saree.

The muse decided to wear her hair in a large bun at the top to add the final touches. The white flower-shaped earnings, black-colored bangles, and a polka dot ribbon for her hair are the true embodiment of the ’60s. 

But she did not stop there.

Captioned as Chhod do aanchal, zamana kya kahega, her Instagram post augmented the Bollywood blockbuster Paying Guest. Even a sight of her retro transformation takes us back to the 1950s.

People loved the characteristics of the early Indian cinema industry. There has always been something captivating about the soothing songs, visually pleasing scenes, splendid cinematography, and applaudable work of the artists. But this was long gone before Shilpa reminded us of this era.

Shilpa and her gorgeous saree looks

Thousands of people admire the judge of Super Dancer 4, Shilpa Shetty, and her gorgeous ethnic wear. The way she carries her outfits, hairstyles, and accessories is bewitching.

But for this actress, Sunanda Shetty, her mother has always been a true fashion icon and inspiration. So just when we thought she was done, for now, Shilpa spammed our Instagram feed with another picture. But this was more magical than the previous one.

Shilpa tried to recreate a retro Bollywood look with a subtle touch of her mother’s most iconic picture. She admired how beautiful Sunanda and her bold eye kohl look paired with a bindi looked back in the day.

This #OutfitOfTheDay received around 200,000 likes in less than 24-hours. The post went live on Instagram with the #LikeMotherLikeDaughter in her caption. Shilpa also penned a heart-touching caption remembering the golden days of her mother’s life in the Bollywood industry.

Expectedly, her fans flooded the comment section of these posts with love, admiration, and support. Shilpa rocked the weekend special episode of Super Dancer 4 with Annu Kapoor as the guest of the day.