Shah’s Ministry Under Question From Jammu To Delhi

At the beginning of the new year, the role of the Amit Shah-led Home Ministry is in question. On the one hand, the failure to stop the selective killing of Hindus in Jammu, on the other, despite allegations of sexual harassment in the horrific road accident in Delhi, the Delhi Police has been accused of hiding the culprits. Incidentally, the Center and Amit Shah’s Home Ministry are responsible for the security of Union Jammu and Kashmir and maintaining law and order in the capital Delhi.

Recently, the country has witnessed several incidents of selective killing of Hindu Pandits and Sikhs in Kashmir. This time, the militants attacked the Hindu-dominated Rajouri area of ​​Jammu across the valley. In that incident last 1st January night, five people were killed when a house was fired at in Rajouri’s Danger area. After the attack, the search began. Meanwhile, a child and a teenager were killed when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded in front of the house of the deceased family yesterday morning.

Statement from Defense experts

It is believed that the explosives were kept for the purpose of killing by the senior officers of the police who went to the investigation site. According to Defense experts, local police and paramilitary are responsible for not being able to recover the IED after searching the attack site. Due to their failure, the two died yesterday. Instead, a big police officer or a political leader could have died.

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As a result, the question has arisen, why the explosive search force did not see? According to Defense expert PK Sehgal, “The way Hindus are being selectively killed in Jammu after the Valley, it is clear that Pakistan-backed militants have adopted a strategy to spread terror in Jammu after Kashmir.” Narendra Modi’s government is continuously failing to stop it. As a result, it has become clear as day that not only Kashmir but also Jammu is no longer safe. The role of intelligence forces is in front of scrutiny.

According to the opposition, Amit Shah claimed in Parliament that militant attacks in Kashmir will end after revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. It did not happen, on the contrary, the militants are now attacking Jammu beyond the limits of the valley. On the other hand, due to the tightening of security measures in Kashmir, militants have adopted the strategy of making Jammu an easy target. Despite the Centre’s argument, the Narendra Modi government’s failure to bring peace to the valley has become clear at the beginning of the new year.

Accident in Delhi

Similarly, the role of the Delhi Police has been under fire for the alleged cover-up of the case of the young woman who died in a road accident in Delhi. A car hit a young woman’s scooter in Delhi’s Sultanpuri area on New Year’s Eve. Then the young woman was dragged along the road for more than 12 km. When the young woman was finally rescued from the car, she was naked.