Senses: Classroom Innovation Powered By Insights From Educators!

When it comes to innovation, there is a universally accepted notion in this world: INNOVATION CANNOT BE TAUGHT. IT HAS TO BE ARRIVED UPON ON ONE’S OWN.

Classroom Innovation Powered By Insights From Educators

For the most part, it makes sense. No one taught Alexander Graham Bell how to make a telephone. No one taught Nikolas Tesla the secrets of alternating current. No one taught Steve Jobs design thinking. However, there are innovations that take more than one person’s insight or forethought – especially those innovations that have the potential to change an entire ecosystem, and transform the way things have been done for hundreds of years.

The Interactive Panels by SENSES is one such innovation – it has not only brought traditional classrooms to the 21st century, but also has the potential to change the way pedagogy can operate in the future. And while these interactive panels are built using the latest technology and assembled by the best technological minds in the country, the innovation they have introduced to the classrooms have always been spearheaded by educators and teachers who use these panels to teach in their classrooms. 


A interactive panel is a technological upgrade of the traditional black/white/green boards that are used in every classroom across the world. Only, it’s not a board. It’s a smart screen that can access a universe of information that is available on the internet. Along with that, these panels are equipped with many tools that can help teachers and students, e.g. understanding handwriting written on the screen and using it to do calculations or search the web. The panels can also synchronize with over 70 students’ laptops at the same time. These are just some of the easy to use properties that make these Interactive Panel a huge technological upgrade over traditional blackboards.

If this technology appears to be a game changer, it isn’t all that surprising. One of these interactive panels in any classroom can change the way children learn, the way a teacher can challenge them to apply what they have learnt, and also evolve how the children interact with the outside world – thus evolving the role of a classroom in a new world.


Teachers have been at the very heart of this innovation. While Senses introduced the technology, their in-depth consultation with teachers from many different cities, schools, and economic stratas have informed Senses on how to build a more intuitive machine that educators and students can benefit from and use easily. 

Much of the intuitive aspects of the interactive panels by Senses have been possible thanks to the innumerable insights from teachers and educators. There’s no end to how deep the interactive features of a interactive panel in a classroom can be. 

Here’s a glimpse of a few ways they have helped Senses use their innovation to better connect with the students:


Drawing intelligent shapes, and using math tools like the compass and protractor, solving equations and simulating science experiments – and all of this made possible in real time with the guidance from numerous mathematics and science teachers.


Accessing online sources e.g. Google, Wikipedia and Youtube with anything written on the board. Dragging and Dropping any relevant content from the internet, and making hassle-free annotations – this is done with a deep understanding of internet penetration in the country, something only educators could have brought to our notice.


Who better to stress the importance of revision than teachers? The Interactive Panels allow one to save any session in 4 different formats – JPEG, PDF, Word or PDF. Share the dynamic view of any session in ENP format. Additionally, every classroom session where the panels are used get recorded LIVE with the in-buit camera on the Senses panels.


Teachers need a digital aid in keeping track of all their duties, curriculum, student records, exams, revisions – the list goes on. With the panels, they create and share calendars and timetables, sync with Google Calendar. They also monitor and address multiple classrooms from one place for effective learning, discipline adherence and invigilation.


Using a 61 multi-point touch gesture control to draw, rotating innovatively and using multi-finger swipe. Using gesture control like palm erase to get an enhanced interactive experience. All of these are little things that enhance the learning experience by a lot. Many of them were introduced thanks to our teacher-cum-advisors.

Senses is constantly upgrading our product by taking feedback from and more educators. They are trying to meet new expectations while simultaneously breaking grounds in ways that have not been done before. After all, Changing the classroom is more than a technological challenge. It’s a behavioral challenge, it’s a human challenge. Simply putting a Senses panel in a classroom will not ensure that the teachers are using it to their best, or the students can use it to its full potential. 

Which is why Senses takes care to train educators and teachers to use the digital boards/panels. As they train the educators on the technology, educators train them on the many needs of the students who are learning with the interactive panels. This symbiotic relationship between tech geniuses and educators is what makes Senses the most unique innovation in the education sector. 

Senses provides a continuous tech support that none of its rivals provide. This is the main reason why Senses is so popular among schools and teachers. 

With offices in over 25 major cities in India, their services are always only a phone call away.


The makers of Senses understand how technology never stands still, and as it evolves it creates more opportunities and presents greater challenges across every walk of life. And education is no exception. This is why the makers of Senses provide unlimited tech support to their devices. Each digital board/panel gets as many updates along with the tech support as it needs, and teachers can constantly update themselves with the new added features and updates of the software.