Sarcasm Of the Opposition Over the Distribution of Modi’s Appointment Letters 

The appointment letter of successful candidates for government jobs is sent by post – it is a sign of an independent India. But its exceptional picture is seen in the nectar festival of freedom. A month ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed 75,000 recruitment letters in a formal ceremony. Yesterday he again distributed 71 thousand government job recruitment letters in 45 cities of the country by pressing the button. In this video conference, the Prime Minister said, “Enhance your competence while working. Enhance your competence while acquiring knowledge. I also learn every day from small things. Don’t let your inner student die.”

As a part of the Central Government’s ‘Rozgar Mela’, the Prime Minister handed over the appointment letters to the job seekers through video conference. Incidentally, last June, Modi had directed various government departments to recruit 1 million people in the next one and a half years in ‘mission mode’. As a part of its campaign to fill vacancies in government offices through ‘Rozgar Mela’.

Taunts of the opposition 

Appointment Letters
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Opposition taunts, Prime Minister himself has to do the work of distribution of job appointment letters before assembly elections in Gujarat. After he came to power, he promised 2 crore jobs a year. Only 7 lakh jobs have been created in the last 8 years. Now seventy-one thousand job recruitment letters have to be covered. According to political camps, the opposition is trying to use rising unemployment in the country from Gujarat to Himachal Pradesh as its main weapon against Modi. The opposition camp is looking at Modi’s distribution of government job appointment letters himself yesterday in that context.

The Prime Minister yesterday referred to the recruits as ‘carriers of the country’. In his words, “When the world is plunged into crisis, India has a golden opportunity to reach the top. It has to rely on the young generation of the country.” In Modi’s words, “Between epidemics and wars, crises are brewing all over the world. Experts believe that a major crisis could befall developed countries as well. At times like this, economists and experts say that India has a golden opportunity to demonstrate its economic potential. The export of services is India’s major strength. India will then become the world’s largest manufacturing hub.”

The Prime Minister claims that slogans like Make in India, Vocal for Local, and Local to Global have brought great opportunities for earning. All types of government and private job opportunities are increasing.

Huge unpaid debts have increased during the Modi era

Non-performing loans of banks have increased by 365% during the Modi era. In the last five years, more than ten lakh crore rupees of unpaid loans have also been written off from the bank’s books. Even though non-performing loans or NPAs have been wiped off the bank’s books, the financier has argued so far, these loans have not been waived off. Efforts to rescue it will continue. But government data says that only 13% of the total outstanding loans, one lakh 32 thousand crore rupees, have been recovered.