Sara’s movie review: film with ‘BOLD message.’

July is all about movies and their reviews, and on the first Monday of the month, this Malayalam movie has garnered all the attention for its bold message. Yes, we are talking about the Anna Ben starrer Sara’s. The all-new Malayalam movie review has been captivating and been called unique by the netizens because of its bold and empowering storyline and the fantastic performances given by the vast of the film. The cat of the movie includes Anna Ben and Sunny Wayne in the lead roles and has garnered the required attention that was needed. Though the movie was about to release in the theatres because of the current pandemic situation, it has gotten an OTT release. The movie is being starred on Amazon prime from July 5th.

movie review

Sara’s movie review

Netizens have taken it to the web to comment about the movie, and most of the reviews that the people have locked are on Twitter the favourite fans m most of the people mentioned that they had liked the way the movie has picked up a simple storyline and made a film out of it. Though the story was how it was shaped, you have to look out for it. The choice of content of the movie might be about many controversies and conversations, the take a bath from all of these being coming out of the frog in a good mentality. Many people find themselves connected with the character and feel a part of them playing on the screen. 

So if you are looking for an empowering movie to look forward to this weekend, then this is the perfect choice for you and your family to get together and watch. We will not give you any hints about the movie, but we can say one thing for sure the movie portrays a light-hearted take on what society thinks of women and why it shouldn’t be the only norm. So we got you covered when it comes to movie choices. Let us know what you think about the movie Sara’s.