Saket Gokhale Is Accused Of Being Arrested Again Even After Bail

Trinamool Congress National Spokesperson Saket Gokhale has been arrested again in the night, the party has alleged. Trinamool leader Derek O’Brien tweeted last night that Saket is being harassed by the Gujarat police. He was again arrested by the police when he was coming out of Cyber ​​police station in Ahmedabad at around 8:45 pm after the bail meeting. Derek claims this was done without any warrant or notice and Saket is being taken to an unknown location.

After the results of the polls were announced yesterday, it is seen that not only the big victory in the state, but the Morbi assembly constituency has gone into the hands of the BJP. And on the same day, Trinamool National Spokesperson Saket Gokhale was granted bail by an Ahmedabad court. After the accident in Morbi, several times the cost of compensation was spent on organizing the arrival of the Prime Minister – this is what Saket tweeted last December. Soon after, he was arrested at Jaipur airport late on Monday night. After the court’s verdict, Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien tweeted the news of Saket’s bail yesterday.

Reason of accusation 

Saket Gokhale
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Saket is accused of spreading fake news against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In support of the statement, he tweeted a picture of a news report (authenticity not verified). Gujarat police claim that it is fake. The report claimed to have obtained the information from the government under the Right to Information Act. According to the police, the government verification committee said that such information was not disclosed in response to any question.

Advocate Majid Menon on behalf of Saket in the Ahmedabad court claimed that the tweet was made to expose the misuse of public money. Courte Menon said, “In that tweet, it was said that 5 crore rupees were spent on the compensation of Morbi accident victims. A huge amount was spent on changing the hospital before the arrival of the Prime Minister.”

The by-election resulted in a close tie

People voted for daughter-in-law Dimple Yadav in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat, which fell vacant due to Mulayam Singh Yadav’s death. By fielding Raghuraj Singh Shakya, the BJP hoped to break the caste divide. But after counting yesterday, SP candidate Dimple lost to him by 2 lakh 88000 461 votes. Samajwadi leader Akhilesh Yadav strengthened the house by raising the flag in the hands of uncle Shivpal Yadav and returning him to the party. Shivpal also gave Akhilesh relief for the time being by mixing his party in the SP and returning to the family.

The counting of votes was done today in six assembly constituencies in five states. BJP and Congress won two seats each. RLD and BJD got one seat each. In the meantime, the BJP has wrested the Rampur Sadar assembly seat known as Gad from former MLA Azam Khan. BJP’s Baahubali candidate Akash Saxena has done all kinds of misdemeanours by using the administration to win, complains the SP leadership.