Rahul Gandhi Slams PM’s Latest Military Scheme

A new scheme has been approved by the Central Government led by Prime minister Narendra Modi that redefines the process of recruiting new candidates to the Indian military. BJP and other parties supporting the Central Government claim that the new military recruitment scheme – Agnipath is clearly a scheme that benefits all.

However, the opposite parties and the candidates who have applied to the military previously don’t see Agnipath as a scheme that benefits worthy candidates. Protests have broken out for a few days, and people all over India are raising their voices against the new system. Several public properties have been damaged, and some are completely destroyed as a result.

Rahul Gandhi, the senior leader of the Indian National Congress party, has made slamming opinions about the Agnipath scheme. He states that the Centre has weakened the Indian military by introducing this scheme. He also made a few more slamming speeches against the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

He indicated the past events where BJP has failed to meet people’s needs and instead enforced laws and schemes that benefit its own. He also stated that past events like demonetization and GST had faced massive opposition from economists and traders. After a while, the Centre has passed a law for farmers that, in fact, works against them. As a result, nationwide protest has broken out opposing the enacted law.

Rahul Gandhi

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Now, the new recruitment scheme which has been employed to recruit candidates for the army is opposed by the youth who make up the Indian military. Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister is not ready to hear what the people of the country really need. Instead, he just listens to what his friends have to say and fulfills their wishes.

Rahul Gandhi has made a compelling case against the Central’s Agnipath scheme and accused it of stealing the future of the youth of our nation. He asked the prime minister of India not to test the youth of our country with fire in the name of Agnipath since there is no rank, no pension, no promising future after four years of service, no direct recruitment for the next two years, and no respect for the army.

He put forth these facts because he is worried about the future of our nation and the youth of the country. Reducing the compensation for Indian military personnel will definitely not be a motivation for the young ones to join the army.

This might be a clever decision to direct the taxpayer’s money to accomplish something for the nation. However, it doesn’t seem like a wise decision as India is facing threats from both sides. This will not only jeopardize the youth’s future but will leave our borders defenseless against the enemies who are constantly trying to find a hole to poke their heads in.

Another Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has also urged the Central Government to revoke the Agnipath scheme within the next 24 hours as the youth are opposing it with intense protests all over the nation.