Pune Prodigy Prafulla Dhariwal Receives High Acclaim From OpenAI’s Sam Altman For Key Role In GPT-4o Development

There have been multiple improvements in the AI industry in modern times. Open AI, the creator of ChatGPT, has been able to launch GPT-4o for the public. In a post on X, the head of OpenAI, Sam Altman, took the opportunity to praise some of his prominent team members. Among them is the Indian researcher Prafulla Dhariwala. He has been able to play the role of the main brain behind the idea of ChatGPT-4o. 

He was hired by Open AI in 2016. He joined as a research intern and quickly gained significance for his contributions. He has been able to play a pivotal role in projects like ChatGPT – 3, and DALL E 2. 

Previously, he has been able to achieve excellent results in his academics. He completed his 12th board exams from P Jog Junior College with 295 marks out of a total of 300 marks in science subjects. Then, he was conferred with the state award, Abasaheb Naravne Memorial Award by the Maharashtra State Board. This award is given to the students who perform well in the science department. Later on, he also scored 190 in the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test. 


He also scored 330 in the JEE mains. However, his eyes were set for MIT to study engineering in computer science. He was accepted by IIT and MIT both. So, he went on to pursue his dreams of pursuing a bachelor of engineering in computer science and mathematics. 

He had also planned to become a researcher, which he did. It is because he wanted to contribute to the creation of something new for the world. So, now he is one of the imminent individuals in the Open AI team. He is currently a part of the Omni team. It is the same team that has been able to give us ChatGPT – 4o. The o in the name is also a short form for Omni. 

His parents are both from the working class. His father holds a Btech degree and is the owner of a ceramic company, and his mother is a teacher in an engineering college. 

ChatGPT – 4o is a multimodal model from Open AI. It is the first one of its kind from the company that deals with text, audio, and images. It is currently available for the general public worldwide. At present, it is free of cost and is likely to enhance the experience and productivity of the people in the coming weeks.