Prime Minister’s Achievement On Pravasi Divas

Inaugurating the 17th Expatriate Indian Day conference yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the pace of development in India in the last few years is ‘unprecedented’. He called upon the diaspora to spread the word of India’s achievements in their country of residence by becoming state ambassadors. At the same time, using this year’s chairmanship of the G-20 group not only for diplomatic meetings, but also for government programs. He also wanted to convey this message to the international community that the center is going to turn it into a ‘mass movement’.

The Prime Minister said, “India will chair the G20 group this year. India sees this responsibility as a great opportunity. This is our golden opportunity to tell the world about India. Just a few months ago, we celebrated 75 years of India’s independence. The country has entered a golden age.” At the conference, he demanded to give free Covid vaccination to 220 crore people and to be the top in the world in digital financial transactions. He said, “Our youth has the necessary passion and honesty to work along with the skills. With this skilled capital, India can become the engine of world development.”

Prime Minister
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In Modi’s words, “I call all Indian Pravasis India’s brand ambassadors. You all are ‘Ambassadors’. As ambassadors of India, you promote Make in India, Yoga, Handicrafts in the country of residence. The whole world looks up to India for the unprecedented development in the last few years. You tell the world about India.”

Modi paid homage to Indore before the polls

Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh are this year. The polls in this state are considered very important by the political circles ahead of the 24th Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s voice sang the praises of Madhya Pradesh in the opening speech of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas conference in Indore yesterday. According to the opposition camp, his aim is to promote the state’s image and appease the voters by connecting Indore with the international community.

Addressing the diaspora Indians yesterday, the Prime Minister said, “This Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Conference is being held on the soil of Madhya Pradesh, which is called the heart of the country. Madhya Pradesh’s Narmada river’s water, its forests, tribal, traditions and spirituality will make your visit unforgettable.” He also said, “Indore is not a city, it’s a flowing time. Sabudana’s khichdi, kachori, samosas, sikanji are mouth-watering. Along with clarity, Indore is also the capital of taste. Everything here tastes unforgettable.”

“You will not forget the hospitality and experience here. Go back and tell everyone,” Modi urged Pravasis.

No politics on conversion: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court said that forced conversion should not be politicized. Lawyer and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay has filed a case in the Supreme Court seeking an order to stop forced or greedy conversions. At the hearing of the case yesterday, Tamil Nadu lawyer P Wilson said, “This case is politically motivated. Such an incident has never happened in Tamil Nadu.”