PM Narendra Modi’s Tribute To Bose On His Birth Anniversary

After independence there was an attempt to forget the name of Subhash Chandra Bose. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this demand yesterday without naming Congress on Subhash Chandra’s birthday. He also claimed that Subhash Chandra has started being remembered all over the country after his government came.

On the occasion of Subhash Chandra’s birth anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi named 21 large unnamed islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands after Paramvir Chakraprapak soldiers. He also unveiled the model of the National Memorial dedicated to Subhash Chandra. Attending the program through video call, Modi repeatedly criticized the role of Congress in reference to Subhash. He claimed that Subhash Chandra was remembered in India yesterday only after his government came and took various programs. 

Special tribute on Parakram Diwas

PM Narendra Modi
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He flew the flag of bravery of the country’s army on the Parakram Diwas yesterday. Union Home Minister Amit Shah attended the event. Thanking the Prime Minister, he also said, “Mr. Subhash (idol) was installed by Modi on duty.” Bollywood actors are happy with this move of the Prime Minister. Many actors including Ajay Devgan, Siddharth Malhotra, Sunil Shetty tweeted on this day thanking the Modi government. 

But the statue of Subhash Chandra, which was installed last year after beating the drum, there was no ceremony there yesterday, no one gave even a single flower. The area was plunged in darkness during the winter night. Trinamool Congress National Spokesperson Sukhendushekhar Roy pointed out, “That’s how they show their respect!”

Yesterday, Congress was seen somewhat active in dealing with the Subhash Vandana of the Prime Minister’s government. Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge paid tribute to Subhash Chandra as ‘former president’ of Congress. He, along with Narendra Modi and Speaker Om Birla also visited the Central Hall of the Parliament in the morning to pay homage to Netaji’s photo. Like Rajnath Singh or Jaishankar, Kharge has also been seen wearing a hat like Subhash Chandra. 

Comment from Congress MP

Later Congress MP Jairam Ramesh said, “Shyamaprasad Mukhopadhyay’s team is claiming to be a fan of Netaji today! Ironic, because what Subhash Chandra and Shyamaprasad felt about each other became known after Shyamaprasad’s diary came out. Subhash Chandra’s elder brother stood against the partition of Bengal, which the founder of the Jana Sangh supported.”

On the other hand, in Modi’s words, “Unfortunately, the identity and name of Andaman, associated with our freedom struggle, was associated with slavery for a long time. I went to Port Blair 4-5 years ago. I named the three islands there after Indian names. I named Ross Island after Netaji. Now a model of the National Memorial was unveiled there dedicated to Netaji. The other two Andaman islands Neil Island and Havelock Island have been named Shaheed Island and Swaraj Island respectively.” 

Then Modi said, “Netaji is the one who had introduced the two terms, Swaraj and Shaheed. But after independence these two names were not given importance. We have returned these names. The new century sees how Netaji Subhas was tried to be forgotten after independence. Today the country remembers Netaji every moment.”