Pavel Antov’s Death Is Being Investigated By The CID

Two Russian tourists have died in the last one week under mysterious circumstances while visiting Odisha from Russia. One of them, billionaire industrialist Pavel Antov, is known as a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. On December 24, the body of Pavel, a member of the Russian legislature, was found outside a hotel in Odisha’s Raigarh. Two days before Pavel’s death, another of his companions, Vladimir Bidenov, died. Initially, the police said that Bidenov died of a heart attack. 

However, the Odisha government handed over the investigation to the CID on the 27th as there may be a mystery behind the death of two Russian tourists. The CID officers started the investigation of the pair’s death mystery from yesterday.

Investigation of police 

Pavel Antov's Death
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65-year-old Pavel’s companion and two other Russian citizens were taken to the state police headquarters for questioning yesterday. The two Russian tourists named Natalia Pansashenko (44) and Turov Mikhail (64) have been banned from leaving Odisha for the time being. They are also asked why they chose Raigarh as their destination. So what is the possibility of their arrest? However, in response to this question of the journalists, a CID officer said yesterday that they aren’t being arrested for the time being.

Two of Pavel’s companions have been barred from leaving the state to facilitate the investigation. Jitendra Singh, the guide of the Russian tourists, has also been questioned.

Questions have already started to arise as to why the bodies of Pavel and Bidenov were cremated in India instead of being returned to their families in Russia. Congress leader Manish Tiwari tweeted about this yesterday morning. Two Russian tourists died in the same hotel within two days. Pavel was known to be critical of Putin’s war policies. So according to him, all this has a considerable whiff of mystery. Manish also questioned why their bodies were burnt even though they were Christians. The Odisha government, however, said that the bodies of Bidenov and Pavel were cremated with the permission of the family and with the approval of the Russian Embassy.

Three Indians drowned in a frozen lake

Three Indians were walking on a frozen lake. They died in an ice break. The accident happened Monday afternoon at Woods Canyon Lake in Coconino County, Arizona. The deceased are said to be from Andhra Pradesh.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Tuesday that the deceased were identified as Narayan Muddana (49), Haritha Muddana and Gokul Mediseti (47). They are citizens of India. The lived in Chandler, Arizona. Narayan and his wife Haritha from Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh had been living in America for seven years. Narayan worked in an IT company. Gokul’s home is in Visakhapatnam.

According to local media sources, Narayan-Haritha went to that lake with their two daughters of ten and twelve years. The accident happened around 3:30 pm on Monday. The couple’s two daughters were on shore. Nothing happened to them. The rescue team pulled Haritha from the ice shortly after receiving information from the eyewitnesses.