Paresh Rawal Apologized For His Offensive Comment For Bengalis 

Under pressure, BJP leader Paresh Rawal was forced to apologize for his ‘fish-eating Bengali’ comment in the Gujarat polls. While clarifying his statement, the actor claimed that he meant illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators and Rohingyas by Bengali. If anyone was offended by his statement, he apologizes.

The controversy started on Tuesday. Addressing the government’s failure to curb inflation, gas prices and unemployment in an election campaign in Balsad, Paresh said, “Even if gas cylinders are expensive, the price will come down in future. People will also get jobs. But what if Rohingyas and Bangladeshis are your neighbours like Delhi!” “There was no problem up to this part of Paresh’s speech. But after that, he said, “What to do with the gas cylinder? Fry fish for the neighbouring Bengalis?”

A large portion of the total population of Gujarat is vegetarian. Naturally, the matter of non-vegetarian food is very sensitive for them. Allegedly, Paresh did not hesitate to use the choice and dislike of eating and drinking as a campaign tool in the vote market.

Filing of complaint 

Paresh Rawal
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But in this statement of Paresh, crores of Bengalis of West Bengal have been insulted, and the political parties of the state have joined this charge. CPM leader Mohammad Salim filed a complaint with Taltala police station accusing Paresh of breaking social harmony. Salim said, “It is said as if Bengali means trespasser! As if there is an allegation of trespassing, hatred can be spread against someone. The video of this speech has been released on social media. Many comments are showing such hatred.”

West Bengal State Trinamool General Secretary Kunal Ghosh said, “Fish and rice are Bengalis. Prawns from Mohun Bagan and hilsa from East Bengal. If you talk about fish, I will polish it! Bengalis are being insulted by fish. What will the BJP leaders of this state say about this?” Trinamool MP Mahua Maitra countered, “That comedian doesn’t need to apologise. What he said about frying fish like a Bengali would be an achievement like a Bengali. Because West Bengal has won more Nobel Prizes than any other state.”

Kirti Azad, another Trinamool leader, asked, “By admitting the infiltration of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas, does Paresh Rawal mean that the BSF under the leadership of Union Home Minister Amit Shah is failing to prevent border infiltration?” After this, Rawal cleared his mouth and said, “Gujaratis also cook fish. So, it’s not about that (fish frying). By Bengali, I mean illegal Bengalis and Rohingyas.”

Rahul Gandhi wants to hoist the tricolour in Kashmir on Republic Day

Three decades ago, Narendra Modi hoisted the national flag in Kashmir during BJP’s Ekta Yatra. On Republic Day 1992.

To counter the nationalism of Narendra Modi and the BJP, this time Rahul Gandhi also wants to hoist the national flag in Kashmir at the end of the Bharat Jodo Yatra on the next Republic Day. So far the plan was that the journey would end in Kashmir in the last week of February.