Opposition Parties Snap at Modi Over Cheetah-Politics

A watch tower outside wire-gauge. The crane is kept in it. Sunglasses on eyes, hunters’ cap on head, half jacket over half sleeve kurta. Wearing a collared, half-chained jacket, Narendra Modi turned the crane as the African cheetah stepped into the Kuno National Park in the Chambal area of ​​Madhya Pradesh.

Within the skeptical views of Namibian visitors, trying to understand the surrounding, the storm of controversy in national politics rose again. Modi pointed the finger at the Congress on his birthday as there was no initiative to bring cheetahs to India in the last seventy years. In response, the Congress said that it was in Manmohan zamana that they took the initiative to bring cheetahs from Africa. Which has been fruitful so far. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s question, the cheetah came. When will the jobs be?

Modi’s activities 

Modi Over Cheetah-Politics
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Since the day before yesterday morning, the vibe of festivity was there. The forest authorities had arranged to encircle the boundary with special wire netting for the cheetahs. A watch tower was built near the wire gauge. The Prime Minister came up to the tower about half an hour after the specified time. With Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Cheetahs came out of the wooden cage as the prime minister turned the crane. Modi rose with applause. He picked up a camera with a zoom lens.

The day before yesterday, the Prime Minister blamed the Congress government practically for the absence of cheetahs in the country for the last seven decades. PM said, “In 1952, the government declared that the cheetahs were extinct in our country. But since then, no government has tried to bring cheetahs from other countries to this country.”

Statement of political observers

According to political observers, Modi’s target this time too is the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and the Congress. The Cheetah became extinct during Nehru’s reign, and the Congress which ruled the country for nearly 60 years did not try to bring the Cheetah back, Modi claimed. That became more evident in his speech in the evening on the stage to announce the National Logistics Policy. There, Modi directly said, “I used to fly pigeons. Now I bring cheetahs.”

History says that Nehru loved to fly white pigeons. There was a message of peace and harmony in it. Just as Modi chose his 72nd birthday for cheetahs, Nehru flew 65 pigeons on his 66th birthday. Last year, Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari once said, “Nehru used to fly pigeons and talk about peace! He would have weakened the nation!”

A section of the opposition thinks that during Modi’s tenure, just as the lion of the Ashoka pillar has become ferocious, Modi has made the cheetah a symbol of power instead of seeing it as just a cheetah. He gave a message of nationalism. On the other hand, the Congress leadership is explaining that the choice of birthday to release the cheetah in the forest is nothing but a joke by Narendra Modi.