Ola S1 and S1 Pro: Which is the best Ola electric scooter for you?

Ola launches its much-anticipated electric scooters – S1 and S1 Pro in Bangalore. The ola scooter launch date in India is the 15th of August, Sunday. Given the price and features coming from these two variants, the whole package excited the country. The company launched these scooters intending to promote electrical mobility across the nation.

The new scooters from Ola bring numerous industry-fit features while providing a remarkable battery life. Ola scooter specifications include smart connected features and promising speed. From widget navigation, keyless start, to voice navigation, these scooters ensure that the riders wouldn’t have to use their smartphones while driving. Ola electric scooter mileage for S1 stands at 90 kmph, and S1 Pro clocks up to 115 kmph.

best Ola electric scooter

Ola scooter price in India for S1 stood at Rs. 99, 999, while S1 Pro is priced at Rs. 1, 29, 999/-. People can make the pre-bookings by paying Rs. 499/-.

As per the price, people can avail subsidies from the state governments for purchasing the scooters. Ola scooter price is the cheapest in Gujrat, standing at Rs. 79,999 for S1 and Rs. 1,09,999 for S1 Pro, followed by Delhi and Rajasthan. Ola scooter price Pune stood at Rs. 94,999 and Rs. 1, 24, 999 on-road for S1 and S1 Pro respectively. Ola scooter price Mumbai stands at the same price range as Pune.

The company already started seeking people for the Ola scooter dealership in India. To begin with the leadership, the applicant has to have a land in their name, alongside a business studies diploma or degree. People above 21 years of age can fill the dealership application form from the ola scooter website.

S1 can accelerate from 0kmph to 40kmph in 3.6 seconds, while S1 Pro can achieve this sprint in less than 3 seconds. The acceleration timing for 0kmph to 60kmph for these scooters is at 7 seconds for S1 and 5 for S1 Pro.

Talking about their batteries, both the scooters come with a fixed battery of 2.98 kWh unit (S1) and 3.97 kWh (S1 Pro). S1 needs around 4 hours and 48 minutes for a full charge, and S1 Pro needs 6 ½ hours, owing to a bigger battery. Speaking of fast charge, both scooters can run for 75 km with just 18 minutes of charge.

S1 Pro comes with a peak battery range of 181 km and is available in 10 colors. S1 can run for 121 km on one full charge and comes in 5 colors. S1 Pro has three riding modes – normal, sport, and hyper. The hyper mode is missing in the S1 scooter. Both scooters come with a reasonable boot space that can accommodate two helmets. Ola scooter booking already started on the 15th of August, right from their launch.

Where was the first Ola E-scooter launched?

Ola e-scooter was launched in Bangalore, India.

Where Ola electric scooter plant will be built and when the delivery will get started?

The manufacturing plant for the electric scooters will be set up in Pochampalli, Tamil Nadu. Ola would begin delivering the scooters for pre-bookings from the 8th of September, and the normal deliveries are expected to start from October.

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