Now You Can Buy iPhone 12 From Flipkart Within Rs. 35,000

A news article published in India Today states about the availability of the iPhone 12 at a very low price from Flipkart. One of the major obstacles to buying an iPhone has always been its high price. But now things seem to look well within the reach. If you have been waiting for the prices of the world’s favorite phone, the iPhone 12 from the mini series to come down a bit then, your golden chance for buying it has finally come. Now you can buy it for a very low price in India.

Flipkart has put up a very impressive offer, selling you the iPhone 12 black mini that has 64 GB at a discount of thirty-six percent. And it does not stop just there. You can get the price further reduced if you combine this purchase with other deals. 

About The Deal

iPhone 12
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Apart from giving a thirty-six percent flat off on the mentioned model of the mini iPhone 12, Flipkart is also bringing to you multiple bank deals to make your purchase further easier.

  • Through the EMI transactions of the credit card from the Bank of Baroda, you are entitled to receive ten percent off which will amount to rupees fifteen hundred. This is applicable when you place an order amounting to five thousand or more.
  • You are entitled to receive a discount of rupees two hundred and fifty over your UPI transactions.
  • The first credit card transaction for EMI using your credit card from IDFC will straight away earn you a discount of ten percent, amounting to rupees one thousand on your purchase of rupees five thousand or more.
  • If you use the credit card of IndusInd bank too for EMI transactions, you are entitled to receive an off of ten percent which shall amount to up to fifteen hundred on your purchase of rupees five thousand or more.
  • While paying through your Paytm wallet, instantly you will rupees hundred cashback over an order for rupees thousand. Each Paytm account can avail of this offer one time only.
  • When you use your credit card from Axis Bank to purchase from Flipkart, immediately you become liable for receiving a cashback of five percent.

But you must also remember to read each of these offers carefully before availing of them because there are terms and conditions to them as well.

Other Variants Of The Mini iPhone 12

If you do not want to buy the black mini iPhone 12 then you can also opt for a discount on other iPhones too such as green, red, blue, white, and purple. All the different iPhones that support 64 GB can be bought at a thirty-four percent discount. For further support, you will also get bank deals from them as well. 

Exchange Of The Old Phones

To get more discounts, you can exchange your old phone too. The discount will be more if your old phone is in a good condition. You can get up to rupees twenty-three thousand off from Flipkart if your old phone is a costly model of iPhone and is in a good condition too. Do not forget to check the deals based on your area and when you select the tab that read buy with exchange, you will get to know the price.