Nitish’s Party Broke Down Within the Alliance Initiative

Nitish Kumar announced his visit to Delhi on September 2 to unite the opposition parties. And incidentally, on the same day, the BJP broke into Nitish’s camp. 5 out of 6 JDU MLAs in Manipur joined BJP on the 2nd. The question of Nitish, who is angry with the breaking of the party, is what is happening right? BJP is only breaking the MLAs of other parties? Is this procedure constitutional? On the other hand, Bihar’s BJP leader Sushil Modi claimed that this is how Nitish Kumar’s party is going to break down in Bihar in the coming days.

Comment from Nitish

What should be the role of Nitish Kumar in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, was mainly discussed in the meeting of the JDU Karma Samiti in Patna on September 3. Although Nitish has publicly claimed that he is not in the race for the prime ministership, the party is already planning to project Nitish as the face of the opposition. Nitish is coming to Delhi next Monday i.e., today to make progress on that alliance. He is scheduled to stay in the capital for two days.

Nitish plans to hold meetings with Congress and Left parties as well as NCP leader Sharad Pawar. According to the JDU leadership, Nitish aims to form a strong alliance against the BJP by uniting the anti-BJP parties at the center.

Alliance Initiative
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But before that initiative started well, Nitish was hit in Manipur last 2nd September. Five of the party’s six MLAs left the JDU and joined the BJP. Nitish expressed his anger before the party conference started on the 3rd. He said, “When the JDU severed ties with the BJP last month, the MLAs of Manipur also said that they were with the party. But yesterday they were also broken. We need to think about what is going on.”

After that, without naming the BJP, Nitish strongly criticized Amit Shah’s way of breaking the party in the state and said, “They are breaking all the parties and taking the MLAs to their party.” He claimed, “Because of the arbitrariness of the ruling party at the Centre, the opposition will come together and oust the BJP from power before 2024.”

Although Nitish is about removing the BJP from power Bihar BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi counter-attacked on the 3rd saying that the ‘dream’ will fail. He said Lok Sabha is a long way off, before that Bihar will be JDU-free. However, Sushil Modi, as usual, denied the allegations that the BJP is trying to destroy the JDU. He claimed that Nitish’s alliance partner Tejashwi Yadav’s party can break the JDU and form the government in the coming days.

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